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Tennis is a sport that can be played against single opponents, individually or between two teams, each team consisting of two players. Also known as a racket sport, tennis is played with a hollow rubber ball and tennis rackets strung with cord, while the objective is to play the ball in such a way that the opponent is unable to make a valid return. The opponent unable to make a valid return do not gain a point while the opposition will.

Tennis is played at all ages, all levels of society and is an Olympic sport, the sport is hugely popular and can basically be played by anyone that can hold a racket including individuals in wheelchairs. The game originated in the nineteenth century in Birmingham as lawn tennis and has a close connection to other field games such as bowls and croquet.

Referred to as ‘real tennis‘ in the 16th century in England, tennis at Hampton Court was favoured by Henry VIII of England. The game called tennis today is actually a direct descendant of royal tennis or real tennis, still played as a separate sport today and features more complex game rules, although most of the rules in tennis derives from royal or real tennis. Historians believe the game originated in Northern France in the monastic cloisters during the twelfth century, when the ball was struck by the palm of a hand, it was then called ‘jeu de paume‘ translating to a game of the palm. Rackets only came into use in the 16th century and tennis became popular in France and England.

In modern tennis, the rules have changed little since 1890, two notable differences from 1908 to 1961 was that the server needed to place one foot at all times on the ground and in the 1970s led to the adoption of the tiebreak. More recent professional tennis additions included the adoption of electronic technology coupled with a point challenge system, called the Hawk-Eye, allowing the player to contest the final call of a point.

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I provide information on some of the most popular tennis tournament events features at legit sportsbooks in my guide, I also include a complete list of different tennis betting option available at legal sport betting sites and offer a range of tips and strategies on tennis betting. In addition, I guide you through the tennis betting legalities, and include some of the most asked questions regarding tennis and also share why I am passionate about tennis and think it is the greatest sports event to place bets on.

Readers who are already familiar with the game rules and betting option and only need a legal sportsbook that offers tennis betting, choose from my list of suggested and highly recommended sportsbooks above.

Popular Tennis Events

Tennis is both a global spectator sport and a game enjoyed by millions of players. The four major tournaments that are hugely popular includes the US Open, Wimbledon, French Open and the Australian Open.

United States Open Tennis Championship

US Open

The US Open is a yearly event starting in August. The event lasts for two weeks with the weekend coinciding with Labor Day. Five event championships are part of the main event, which includes wheelchair players, tournaments for junior and senior players, mixed doubles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, women’s singles and men’s singles.

The US Open started in 1881 and is played in New York at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament was played outside on a grass surface from 1881 to 1974, on clay outdoors from 1975 up to 1977 and since 1978 it is played on a hard, outdoor surface.



The Wimbledon Tennis event moved back two weeks in recent years and stars early in July, it consists of five major events, and yearly main events include mixed doubles, ladies’ doubles, gentleman’s doubles, ladies’ singles and gentlemen’s singles. The Wimbledon Championships started in 1877 and is played at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, United Kingdom, on an outdoors grass surface, while the prize money in 2017 is £31,600,000.

French Open

French Open

The French Open is also known as the Roland-Garros was founded in 1891 and this championship takes place at the Tennis Club de Paris at Auteuil from 1891 up to 1908 on an outdoors sand surface. Since 1908 up to present the championship is played on an outdoor clay surface, and the prize money is €36,000,000.

The French Open is named after the aviator Roland-Garros and takes place yearly, the event is currently considered the most demanding physical tennis tournament in the world, due to the seven rounds required for a championship.

Australian Open

Australian Open

Like the US Open, Wimbledon and the French Open, the Australian Open tennis tournament is also a yearly event played across two weeks in January. Founded in 1905 the tournament is played since 1972 at the Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia.

The championships were played on grass outdoor surface from 1905 up to 1987, and since 1988 it is played on a hard, outdoors surface with prize money reaching A$ 50,000,000 in 2017. The Australian Open is hugely popular with spectators, and often attendance exceeds the US Open, and attendance this year reached 728,763. Main events include singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Tennis at The Olympics

Tennis became part of the Olympic Games in 1896 and was excluded after disputes between the International Olympic Committee and International Lawn Tennis Federation in 1924; the dispute was over amateur tennis players competing. Tennis returned in 1988 as a full medal sport and is still part of the Olympics. Surfaces at the Olympics varies between hard court and grass surfaces, and events include men’s singles, men’s doubles, women singles, women doubles, mixed doubles and men’s, women and double indoors. Tennis is a sport that enjoys major interest throughout the glove during major tournaments because the world’s top players compete and the 2020 Olympics odds are already displayed on some players at Sportsbetting sites.

Types of Tennis Bets

Several tennis bet types are available, and I aim to provide a guide that will provide readers with a clear idea of the most popular bets as well as a few tips. Remember to ensure that the sportsbook you select feature tennis when you register, although I have also included some of the most popular betting sites for readers interested in betting on major tennis events:

Tennis bet types include match betting, set betting, handicap betting, first set winner, proposition bets and total games betting. While many of you might have already looked at the different betting types, I start with the most straightforward, which is the match betting and will also explain the other mentioned.

Match Betting

It is the most uncomplicated, and the bettor needs to predict who will win the match. There are however a few things to take into consideration before the bet is placed, with these including checking how the bet will be settled in a retirement case. It is important to know that some bookies void all bets while other Sportsbetting bookies will settle the bet in favour of the player that did not retire. However, others wait until the first set is completed and the retirement then counts as a result. By taking such rules into consideration you can save yourself money, especially if the player you decide to bet on have fitness problems that could force retirement.

Handicap Betting

It is one of the most popular betting types although it could at times also be the most confusing for bettors who are not experienced in tennis betting. Its easiest to use an example, if you decide to bet on Federer to cover a -5.5-game line, it would mean your bet would win if the match ends with a 6–4 6–2 scoreline, since a 6 plus, 6 minus and 5.5 would equal 6.5. The same bet would lose if the scoreline at the end of the match were 6–1 1 – 6 and 6–2, since the 6+1+6 then equals 7.5 minus the opponents 1+6+1. At first, this bet feels and sounds complicated although it is not that difficult and gets easy after the first few bets.

Set Betting

Set betting is for the brave since it involves predicting the precise score of the match, the odds are fabulous, particularly if you wager on a less popular player, winning in straight sets. This betting type is perfect for bettors wishing to enjoy lots of excitement and money although it is a challenging kind of bet to get into. It is not recommended should you long for a calm afternoon but well worth going for if you want to make a small punt with great rewards.

First Set Winner

Tennis matches could take longer before they completed although betters do not have to place wagers on the entire clash unless they want to. The first set winning bets are an attractive option for bettors who don’t like waiting and if could pay off if you wish to wager on the underdog.

Total Game Betting

This option is the answer for bettors who don’t mind waiting, those who like perfection and while they wait, it might be worth wagering on how much time the entire match would take. It’s a rare bet, but several Sportsbetting sites have started taking bets on the time in which a match would be completed.

Proposition Bets

Bookmakers or Sportsbetting sites offer multiple proposition bets especially in the larger tournaments, punters could bet on which player would make more double faults, and bookmakers base the lines on statistics, it is easy to take advantage of such bets by analysing the match from several perspectives. Some tennis players are more nervous before major matches, and this can indicate they may be more likely to make double faults. However, some are more confident, and this can slow down the match and see more accurate play.

Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips

Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips

Several different strategies could benefit the outcome of your bet, if you are new to tennis it might be best to read up on player histories. What hugely influences the player’s performance is his fitness level, previous injuries and in proposition bets his state of mind before and during major matches.

Get Familiar with Players

First set winner bets can be a great way to bet once punters are familiar with how the player starts a major match. The majority of players start slow and then work towards a faster game pace. This can see less popular players to win the first set. A great example of this is Stanislas Wawrincka, a player that has a habit of starting slow and coming back strongly during the match.

Compare Odds

Compare the odds offered by the bookie and never forget to check how the wager would be settled in the case of a retirement. Remember to check on player injuries and fitness levels before making a matched betting.

In play betting

Several betting sites now offer in play wagers allowing bettors to place bets after matches have started up to the last minutes of a game.

Legality of Tennis Betting

Sign up with a legal Sportsbetting site when you fancy placing a bet on any tennis player, ensure that the site is licensed by a licensing authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.

Ensure the betting site offers a large variety of different tennis bet types since the more wager types, the more winning opportunities are available. Before registration also make sure the site feature betting across all platforms, accepts the currency you wish to wager in and offers multiple banking options.


While tennis betting is a very difficult proposition in the online sports gambling world, it could still lead to large rewards for educated bettors. To become a betting expert in tennis, you will need to do the necessary research to locate an online sportsbook that offers both competitive odds and a wide range of betting markets. However, to experience the best success on a frequent basis, you will need to acquire the ability to translate game statistics and player performance into a long-term strategy to enjoy decent profits.

Tennis FAQ Section

What are total sets betting?

Why is it important to know on which surface the match is played?

What is a tie-break in tennis?

Why I Would Advise Tennis Betting

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