LegitGambling.comWelcome to LegitGambling.com. We’ve been present in the online gambling industry for over a decade, yet still striving to be the greatest at what we do. On our platform, you can learn all the things related to online gambling for almost every country in the world.

Naturally, we’ll cover everything about various gambling aspects in as many details as possible, so you don’t miss out on anything while looking for the best gambling sites. To get a full picture of who we are and what we do, keep reading!

Who Are We?

LegitGambling.com, that will be addressed as We in the rest of the text, is a website that covers legal aspects of online gambling in various countries worldwide and also reviews different types of online gambling platforms.

The reviews can help you stay informed about the current online gambling status in your region and also help you choose an online gambling platform that will meet all your personal preferences.

Our Objectives

Before we even started operating, we had to set certain objectives that would represent the direction in which the site would go. With this in mind, we’ve come to terms with a few main points:

  • We want to be the prime provider of online gambling content in the world
  • We would like to help you find the right online gambling platform no matter where you are at the moment
  • Our site should serve as the primary source of the latest news and innovations when it comes to the online gambling world.

So far, we’ve been doing great with regards to all the objectives listed above. Yet, the most frequently asked question is what we do to achieve that, and you can get all your answers in this article.

Our Offer

As mentioned before, in case you are looking for any information related to online gaming, you’ve come to the right page. The sites we review can be divided into several popular categories:

Furthermore, we first analyze online gambling in general and look to find the best online gaming platforms for each country so you wouldn’t have to waste your time on that. When doing so, there are some specific aspects we pay attention to, and you should know what those are.

Gambling Laws

When we start looking for first-class sites targeting a particular country, the first aspect we find all the information about includes gambling laws and regulations. We want our readers to be fully aware of what their country’s laws think of online casino games, sports betting, or whatever the players’ cup of tea might be.

Apart from the legal online gambling options within the country, we also ask around whether the players are actually allowed to play on offshore-based platforms and what the consequences of such behavior might be.

Legality and Security

We can’t stress enough how much attention we pay to the legality and security of the platforms we review for you. A valid legal license issued by a trustworthy online gambling jurisdiction is a must in order for a site to get a green light from our team. Also, every site should do everything in its power to protect players’ sensitive data and transaction details by implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity measures.

Gambling Industry

We always want to present to you the real picture of online gambling in certain countries. That’s why we’ve introduced a specific section to our reviews — the gambling industry in each of the countries we’ve covered so far.

Here we help you get an insight into a country’s involvement in online gambling, as well as the revenue this activity brings to the country’s safety. Also, we always try to find out whether a specific form of online gambling is more prevalent than some others.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has become an integral part of the online gambling industry. Today, every platform that offers any form of online gambling simply must be optimized for smartphone and tablet use in order for players to keep coming back.

The platforms must support all the popular operating systems such as Apple and Android. At the same time, there’s a chance some of them even launched designated apps that can be downloaded from your respective store or directly through your browser.

Available Payment Methods

Another crucial point discussed in our reviews deals with available payment methods for online gamers. Namely, apart from the standard means of payment such as credit and debit cards or bank transfer, each country in the world has some local payment options that residents frequently use.

Whenever we’re reviewing a site for a particular country, we check all the available payment options but pay special attention to those specific for that particular geolocation so that players coming from that country could safely deposit and withdraw their money for online gaming purposes.

The Best Games and Software Providers

Even though a site is legal and safe, it won’t attract players without interesting content. That’s why our goal is to discover the websites that work with the most renowned software providers and offer the most interesting online games too.

Responsible Gambling

Finally, it’s our duty to remind players of the harmful effects online gambling can have on their lives. In each and every review you can find on our page, you’ll also find the links that lead to reliable platforms designated for helping players with a gambling problem.

Why Choose Us

You have probably seen a plethora of online portals that claim to be the best at what they do, so it’s reasonable if you don’t simply fall for anything you see on the web. However, we are indeed trying to display excellence in what we do, and so we decided to share with you our entire process of preparing the reviews and finding the best online gaming platforms.

On our website, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for, and once you do, the content will also be well-structured. In every article, we’ll always highlight the main aspects and be completely honest about them to help you understand what you’re dealing with right from the start.

Our team works around the clock to complete a strict testing process on each website that might look worth mentioning and keeps the information we post updated. What is more, we never turn a blind eye when a site doesn’t perform well in some regard — perfection is a must for a gaming site that wants a place on our list.

Our Team

Our team consists of online gambling experts that have been working in this industry for over a decade. Being online gaming lovers ourselves, we don’t just look at these websites from the perspective of a reviewer. We also view things like players, which allows us to objectively analyze any platform and assess its potential to become great or forgotten.

We always go the extra mile and go through the whole process of registration, money depositing, and playing various games, so that our reviews can be as accurate as possible. After trying out so many online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, bingo sites, and other forms of online gambling, we can say for sure that we know a great site when we see it.

Some of our most loyal employees, such as Ryan Knuppel, David Nugent, Petar Markoski, and many other authors and analysts, work day and night so that our readers could get the best possible treatment. Apart from getting the most accurate information on anything about gambling, you can contact our customer support team that will help you sort out any issues you might experience.

All in all, you can rest assured you’re in good hands and rely on us to complete all the difficult tasks when it comes to online gambling, while your job will be to read all about it, choose your favorite platform, and play!

We enjoy receiving feedback from our website visitors and as such if you wish to contact us with your feedback of this website or have additional information or any ideas on how we can expand the information we provide on it then we cordially invite you to get in touch with us.

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