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Snooker is a cue ball sport that was established in India by the British Army officers during the 19th century. Snooker is enjoyed on a rectangular table usually covered in green baize, or cloth, with pockets located at each of the four corners along with a pocket in the middle of every long side.

Players are required to strike the cue ball, or white ball, by using a cue to pot 21 coloured balls in the correct sequence to accumulate points. The player who scores the most points in an individual game, or frame, is the winner. When a player manages to win a predetermined number of frames, they win the match. During the 1870’s, billiards became a popular sport in India.

In 1884, Snooker established its own identity when Sir Neville Chamberlain devised a set of rules that combined pool life and pyramid. Snooker was initially a military term used to describe first year, or inexperienced, personnel. The sport became immensely popular in England, and in 1919 the Billiards Association and Control Club was formed.

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association currently govern the sport of Snooker. The first World Snooker Championship was held in 1927, and in 1969, the modern era started thanks to BBC commissioning Pot Black, a snooker television show that started airing the World Snooker Championship in 1978, providing a new peak of popularity for the sport. Top professional players now compete on a regular basis from across the globe for multimillion-pound earning. The sport is also immensely popular in China.

In my review, I will walk you through the most popular snooker events that you will find at legal sports betting sites, provide every snooker betting type that you will come across, and include a variety of snooker tips and strategies to improve your chances of winning. Furthermore, I will touch on the legality of snooker betting, include a handful of commonly asked questions about snooker, and give you insight as to why snooker betting is recommended.

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If you are already a betting expert when it comes to snooker, and you only need a trustworthy, reputable, and legal online sports betting site, you simply need to choose from my list of recommended sportsbooks I provided below:

Popular Snooker Events

With Snooker increasing in popularity, the season has expanded to provide matchups year-round, thereby proving many betting opportunities on the green baize. Every season offers a great mixture of Invitationals, Player Tour Championship events, and ranking events. There are currently 11 ranking events, 12 Players Tour Championship events, and two Invitational events. I included the different formats and events below:

Players Tour Championship

These events occur over four or five days, and professional players only join on the last three days of the event, usually on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The Players Tour Championship events usually have a field of 128 players, and every game consists of seven frames. There are more possibilities for upsets due to the low number of frames in each game.

Normal Ranking Events

These events usually feature matchups that consist of nine frames per game, increasing up to eleven frames during the quarter-final and semi-final, and up to seventeen or nineteen frames during the final. The field of players are once again 128 that are whittled down to around 32 players in the final stages.

International Championship and UK Championship

These two championship events are considered the largest ranking events in the world, except for the World Championship. They both offer slightly longer game formats, as each game features a minimum of 11 frames, while the International Championship features longer semi-final rounds of 17 frames. Due to the longer game formats, there is far less chance of upsets. Sportsbooks will also offer more betting markets on these events.

Champion of Champions Snooker

This is considered a non-ranking event where players that previously won will automatically qualify. This event features seven frames in the first round, eleven frames in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, and nineteen frames in the final. Every quarter of the draw is made daily, producing a semi-finalist on each day.

The Masters

The Master’s event takes place every year in January and is one of the biggest Snooker tournaments of the year with massive prize pools and a long history. The Master’s event has an elite field of 16 players, meaning every game is a difficult one. Each match features 11 frames, and the matchups are played on only one table, making this an intense event with all the focus on one game at a time.

World Champions

Played over seventeen days in Sheffield, the World Champions is one that everyone dreams of winning. The player field only features thirty-two elite players that take part in matches that consist of nineteen frames, while the finals consist of thirty-five frames.

Types of Snooker Bets

You will find an assortment of snooker bet types at legal sportsbooks that offer snooker. With such a wide range of different betting markets available, bettors are usually confused on what each bet type means and how it works. Therefore, I included every snooker betting type you’ll come across while betting online and included a brief explanation on each of them.

Match Winner

Every sport will allow you to make a wager on who you predict will be the winner of a competition or match. This is also available when it comes to snooker betting, making it one of the most popular bets in snooker. You simply need to predict who will win the match and whoever reaches the targeted frame mark first is declared the winner.

Frame Winner

Each game will consist of a pre-determined set of frames, like The Masters featuring 11 frames per game. Instead of betting on the match winner, you can go more in-depth and predict who will win a specific frame during a match.

Frame Betting

When betting on specific frames, you can also predict the correct score of each frame as opposed to who will win the frame.

Length of Frame

What’s even more impressive is that you can bet on the time elapsed from the start of the break to the end of each frame.

Length of Match

This is very similar to the length of the frame, but here you will predict how long the entire match will last from the beginning of the break to the end of a match that might consist of 7 frames.

Highest Break

You can make a prediction on who will achieve the highest break during the match., or even during a specific frame.

First Ball Potted

This will allow you to predict which of the 21 coloured balls will be potted first during each frame.

Handicap Betting

In snooker, you might see an inexperienced player go up against an elite player. The bookmakers will then try an even the betting field by giving one player a head start, while the other player will be given a minus figure. For instance, one player will show as +2.0 frames, while the other player will show -2.0 frames. Should you decided to bet on the player with -2.0 frames, they will need to win the game by at least two frames for your bet to be considered a win.

Future Bets

Snooker also features future betting, allowing you to predict which player will win the entire tournament or championship. These bets are usually available before the start of the tournament or championship and will be updated regularly. The best odds are usually available at the start of the tournament.

Snooker Betting Tips and Strategies

Snooker Betting Tips and Strategies

Before you decide to place any bet on snooker, you will need to compile your own unique betting strategy that will include advice and tips that usually float around on the World Wide Web. Luckily for you, I already provided plenty of useful tips and strategies when it comes to snooker betting that will allow you to become more profitable.

Use Available Resources

There are several useful and extremely informative snooker sites that you can use as a reference. Ignoring their existence is foolish when it comes to making a bet in snooker. The best source of snooker information is the official World Snooker page, giving you the latest tournament schedule, the players that will be playing in each major tournament and championship, and where they are taking place. You can also utilise information that may appear on each individual player’s twitter feed, Facebook pages, and dedicated websites to give you an indication of their frame of mind and current form before heading into the tournament.

Make Every Tournament Count

There are loads of tournaments played throughout the year, and additional value can be made during the early rounds of each tournament. This is especially true during the qualifying stages as a winner is decided within seven frames. You will need to work on the principle that shorter game formats will provide the best chances of an upset. Longer matches are more likely to provide a complete winner.

Be Aware of Break-Builders

The likes of Higgins, Ding, Trump, Robertson, and O’Sullivan are all capable of making multiple century breaks in a single game. Therefore, it will be beneficial to keep your eyes on the betting odds for total centuries in games that involve the players mentioned above. The betting odds for total centuries are normally rather standard and doesn’t provide enough payment for the break-building potential when the above players are involved.

Reaching the Final

The Reach the Final betting option is always a great choice when you like to hedge your bets slightly, as it will give you leeway, meaning that there’s no additional panic when you pick gets there. Attempt to pick one player in each half of the draw for extra interest in the proceedings.

Legality of Snooker Betting

Snooker betting is immensely popular in Europe and Asia, but that doesn’t mean that snooker betting is only limited to these two countries. Bettors from around the world are more than welcome to place a wager on any snooker tournament or championship. However, the only restriction that will affect your betting action is the country you reside in. You will, therefore, need to ensure that legal online sports bets will be accepted at your sportsbook of choice. Should online sports betting not be allowed in your country, you can still register and bet with a variety of offshore sports betting sites.

While the majority of sportsbooks online are legal, some are not, and those often refuse to pay winnings or will find an excuse to pay. Therefore, I strongly suggest registering with one of the legal sportsbooks I provided in my review. All sportsbooks I listed in my review have been tested for trustworthiness, fairness, and reliability, ensuring that you will receive your winnings promptly. They also provide some of the best bonuses and promotions, offer superior customer support, and present some of the most competitive odds in the online betting industry.


Snooker betting is increasing in popularity around the world, allowing educated bettors to enjoy a remarkable increase in winning opportunities, thanks to a wide variety of betting markets available in every match. To increase your winning potential, you will need to locate a legal and reliable online sportsbook that offers some of the most competitive odds in the online betting industry. You can further enhance your chances of winning more often, by using the latest player statistics to create a betting strategy that will lead to more profits in the long-term.

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