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Legal Badminton Betting

Although badminton is a racket sport similar to tennis, there are a couple of notable differences between these two sports. First, the badminton court dimensions are smaller and, instead of the ball, players are required to hit a shuttlecock over the net.

Although badminton is an individual sport, the match can be played between two players (singles) or four players (doubles), just like in tennis. The goal of the game is to land the shuttlecock in the opposing side’s field.

While badminton looks like a recreational outdoor activity that can be enjoyed in the backyard, this sport is very competitive and demands tremendous physical agility to be played on a high level.

It has been included as a venue at the Olympic Games since 1992, with a total of five medal events: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

BadmintonWhile badminton may not be as popular for betting as other sports like football (soccer), tennis or basketball, it still enjoys the popularity among punters all over the world. There are plenty of high-tier badminton competitions that you can wager on, and several of the really big ones are held every year. The sport is especially popular in Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden, as well as a few Asian countries like Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia and China.

In this article, we will tell you all there is to know about badminton betting, including the lists of sportsbooks where you can bet on this sport, the most popular badminton competitions, badminton betting types, betting tips and strategies, and more.

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Badminton might not be as common on sportsbooks as some other more popular sports, but the market is nevertheless present on more than a few online bookies. Our team of experts decided to compile a list of the best sports betting sites which include badminton betting as an option. Note that there are more badminton betting websites than we named here, but our list contains the ones which have the best odds and betting options.

Popular Badminton Events

There is an abundance of popular badminton competitions that attract big crowds of fans. You may not find all these competitions on online sportsbooks, but at least some of them will be open for betting. If we have to choose a couple of competitions that truly stand out, then we will pick the BWF World Championships and the Olympic Games. Nevertheless, we will also talk about several more major tournaments that are worth mentioning.

BWF World Championships

BWF World Championships

This is basically the World Cup of badminton that is organised by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

The tournament was founded in 1977, and it’s been held 24 times by now. By far, the most successful nation in the history of the tournament is China, with a total of 182 medals, 65 of which were gold.

The 25th BWF World Championships are scheduled for this year’s August in Basel, Switzerland, and some early odds and predictions have already been made. So, if you want to get on the action early, refer to our list of the best badminton sports betting sites and check out what’s on offer.

The Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics

The Olympics represent one of the most popular events for every sport that’s included in the Games, and badminton is no different. The sport was first introduced in Barcelona in 1992, and mixed doubles were added as a medal event four years later in Atlanta. The next Olympic Games are scheduled for the summer of 2020, and they will be held in Tokyo.

Just like with the BWF World Championships, China is the owner of most medals, followed by South Korea, Indonesia, and Denmark.

Thomas Cup

Thomas Cup

Thomas Cup is one of the oldest internationally recognised badminton competitions in the world. It was founded in 1949 and was held every three years until 1982, when it switched to a biennial format. The 31st edition of the cup will be held in 2020 in Aarhus, Denmark, and the tournament will feature 16 teams spread into four groups, followed by the quarterfinal knockout stage.

Different Badminton Betting Selections

Betting on badminton offers you more than just an option of picking the winner of a single match. If you choose a quality sportsbook (check out our list), chances are that you will have the option of picking several different betting types. In this section, we will go over some of them.

To Win Outright

Every bookie will give you a chance to predict the winner of the competition with the “to win outright” bet. This is as simple as it gets when it comes to badminton betting. Just select the country, player, or a team that you think will win, and watch the tournament unfold.

Match Winner

This bet is also simple. Select the match that you’re interested in and pick the winner. Remember, there are no draws in badminton, so you can only choose between two outcomes. You can bet on the winner prior to the start of the match, while some bookies will give you in-play betting options as well, so you can wager at any point of the match.

Set Winner

If you’re impatient and can’t wait for the match to finish, you can go for the set winner bet and choose who will win the set that’s currently in play. This bet type is only available on websites that offer live betting.

Correct Score

Badminton is usually played in the best-of-three sets format. That means that there are only four possible scores that you can bet on — 2:0, 2:1, 0:2, or 1:2. Odds are usually higher for these types of bets, so if you think that you can predict the correct score right, you will be in for some high payouts.


Betting on total points or goals in sports is common, and badminton betting offers the same deal. The bookie will draw a line for total points in a set or a match, and all you have to do is guess whether the number of points will go over or under that line. The same betting option will usually be available for live betting if the sportsbook has one.

Handicap Betting

Each badminton game will have the favourite and the underdog. Handicap betting evens up the odds by giving the underdog player/team a certain amount of points before the match begins. Here, you will be guessing whether the favourite can win the game despite the handicap or if the underdog can win with the assisted number of points.

Other Bets

Every badminton betting type we mentioned so far is commonly seen on online sportsbooks. However, there are a couple more betting options that you can run into on certain sites.

Namely, you can also bet on the even or odd amount of points in a match. The odds here are usually 50:50. If you want to risk a little bit more, go for the correct score in a set betting. Here, the odds can be as high as 60 to 1. You can also bet on the difference in points in a set, or whether one player/team will win the set by 1, 2, 5, or 11 points.

Badminton Betting Tips and Strategies

If you’re new to the world of badminton betting, you should be familiar with some tips and tricks on how to minimise your risks. Read the following part carefully and learn how to avoid rookie mistakes.

Be Familiar With the Competitors

The best way to bet on any sport is to familiarise with the players and teams. Follow and watch a few badminton matches before betting. Read news, injury reports, and get to know the current form of specific players or teams. If you have already chosen the match you wish to wager on, check out the matchup history between the two players/teams and see if you can find a pattern. The odds compilers and bookie analysts know all this as well, and most odds will be realistic and made according to all these factors. Nevertheless, if you know everything about the players yourself, you’ll have a greater chance of guessing correctly.

Wager Only on Top Tournaments

Unfortunately, just like any other popular sport, badminton is not immune to fixed matches. However, fixed games occur only on smaller tournaments and rarely on any of the high-tier competitions. To ensure that all outcomes are fair, you should wager only on the most popular events, some of which we mentioned above.

Home Court Advantage

Badminton is not one of those sports where the crowd plays a big factor. Nevertheless, home court advantage does exist, as some players are better adapted to certain conditions. Time zones also play a role, as players who are travelling to another continent need more time to adapt, which could interfere with their performance.

Badminton Betting Legality

If sports betting is legal in your country, then badminton betting is legal as well. As long as you’re sticking to official sportsbook sites that allow players from your country, you will be in no risk of breaking the law.


Badminton is an exciting sport, but you can always add a little more excitement if you decide to bet on it. Unfortunately, badminton betting is not as popular as betting on some other sports and you won’t find it on every sportsbook out there, but if you stick to our list, you’ll certainly get the best odds on the most popular badminton events in the world. Good luck!

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