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Darts is essentially a throwing sport where darts need to be thrown at a dartboard that is fixed to a wall. Although there has been numerous boards and game rules used over the years, the term “darts” currently refers to a standardised game that involves a specific dartboard design along with a specific set of game rules.

Even though darts is considered a professional competitive sport, it is a traditional pub game that is commonly played in the United States, Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands, across the Commonwealth, Ireland, Britain and other parts of the world.

The World Darts Federation utilises specific playing dimensions in terms of height and distance.

The dartboard needs to be 1.73cm, or 5 ft 8 inches, from the ground to ensure the centre of the bullseye is at eye-level for a six-foot man. When it comes to the distance, the line behind which the player must stand, known as the oche, should be 2.37 m, or 7 ft 9 inches, from the face of the dartboard. There are 20 numbered sections divided by wires on a standard dartboard. The wires run from the small centre circle to the outer circle. The circular wires found within the outer wire subdivide every section into triple, double, and single areas.

In my article, I will look at the most popular and prestigious international dart events found at legal sportsbooks, discuss the types of bets that can be made in darts, and include several dart strategies and tips to help improve your chances of selecting a winning bet. In addition, I will walk you through the legality of dart betting, include some of the most commonly asked questions about darts,  and tell you why dart betting is recommended.

If you already know the sport of darts and the various betting types that come with it, and solely want to find a reputable and legal sports betting site, you can choose from any of the recommended legal sportsbooks I included in my article below:

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Popular Dart Events

Darts continue to enjoy growing popularity around the world with an increase in television coverage and attendance at all major dart tournaments. Like golf and tennis, the Professional Darts Corporation has multiple prestigious tournaments throughout the year that sees higher levels of attendance and prize pools  I have included the top five professional dart tournaments below:

PDC World Darts Championship

This is considered the most high-profile event on the darting calendar. The championship is held at the Alexandra Palace, situated in London, and takes place every year over the Christmas festive period, and runs into the New Year. Therefore, it’s considered the first major dart event of the year. Players play in a leg and set format, meaning that the first player to get three legs will take a set. This is a very conventional way of playing dart tournaments and has grown in popularity every year.

Premier League Darts

This is one of the newest dart majors, but also one of the most popular and exciting tournaments. Only eight players participate for the title once a year. The top four players from the Professional Darts Corporation are invited, along with four wild-card players. The tournament format is a round-robin league, with all eight players playing against each other twice over fourteen weeks during the English spring season at several arenas across the United Kingdom. Every game consists of a best-of-14 leg.

UK Open

The UK Open is one of the most anticipated events on the darting calendar that takes place every June. It utilises a completely open draw which means top players can play against each other at any given time. A popular and unique feature of the UK Open tournament is that anyone can enter qualifiers that sees amateur players make it to the final cut of 128 players.

World Matchplay

The World Matchplay is considered the second biggest dart event on the calendar and is an extremely popular event among fans, as it’s held in July during the British summer months. The tournament takes place in Blackpool, a well-known English seaside destination.

World Grand Prix

The last major darting championship is the World Grand Prix that takes place in Dublin every year during October. Fans consider the Grand Prix as one of their favourite dart events as it is held in one of the most exciting cities across the globe. The tournament format is a first to a specific number of sets, along with the opening rounds being extremely short that offers frequent upsets along the way. A unique aspect of the tournament is that every leg needs begin and end with a double being hit. This is known as a double in, double out game format.

Types of Dart Bets

Those that are interested in betting on darts will be surprised with the wide range of betting markets available at leading online sports betting sites. I have included the most popular betting types when it comes to darts, along with an explanation on each of them to help you understand how they work.

Match Winner

This type of bet is used to back a player that you predict will win the match. You can either predict that player A will win or that Player B will win, either in match play or set play. It’s worth mentioning that in a handful of tournaments that are league based, you can also back a draw.

Correct Score

This type of bet requires you to bet on the correct score in a dart game. Betting on the correct score is one of the most popular and attractive markets, as the betting odds are greater when compared to straight win bets. Keep in mind that correct score can also be more difficult to predict, but the reward is far greater. An example of correct score would be: Player A 10 – 8 Player B

Most 180’s

This type of bet will require you to predict which of the two dart players will obtain the most 180’s during a match. A 180 is known as the highest score you can obtain with three darts. Players can score 180 points by hitting three triple 20’s. Bettors will have three possible betting options, including Player A, Draw, or Player B, as both players could obtain 180 points in a single game.

Total 180’s

This type of bet will require you to guess how many 180’s will be hit during a match. Bookmakers will present a set amount, and you will then need to guess if the total 180’s will be more (Over) or less (Under) the presented amount. For instance, Over 11.5/Under 11.5

Player 180’s

This type of bet will require you to predict which player will obtain 180’s, as opposed to 180’s made during a match. For example, Player A Over 7.5 180’s/ Player B 7.5 180’s.

First 180’s

This type of bet will require you to back a player that you think will obtain 180 points in the match.

Handicap 2-Way

In darts, there are several elite players when compared to the rest of the pack. To even the playing field, bookmakers will handicap the more superior player and give the weaker player a head start. For instance, Player A is presented as -3.5 while Player B is presented as +3.5. If you decide to bet on Player A, they will need to win the match by four. Should you decide to bet on Player B, they will need to lose by less than three for your bet to win.

9 Dart Finish

The quickest way to win a dart leg is by only using nine darts. This type of bet will require you to predict whether the game will be finished in nine darts or not during a leg.

170 Finish

Obtaining 170 points is the highest score a player can finish with three darts. Players can only get this by hitting a triple 20, bull’s eye, and another triple 20. In this bet, you will bet if the game will be finished with a 170 finish.

Dart Betting Tips and Strategies

If you are considering making a bet on the next upcoming dart tournament or championship, I highly recommend following these three tips to ensure your chances of making a winning bet is increased:

Dart Betting Tips and Strategies

Respect the Short Format

In darts, you will notice that the longer the game format is, the less chance there will be for a possible upset, and the player with better skills will have a greater chance to prevail as the winner. Therefore, the shortest game formats that offer the best of 9, or first to 5, is the best to bet on. In short game formats, you will need to keep an eye on potential upsets, especially in matches that feature short-odds favourites.

Follow Every Event

Several dart tournaments are smaller and can have a significant impact on player tour rankings. Most smaller tournaments are not televised, and it is crucial to follow every event to get the best value consistently. You can do this by following the official Professional Darts Corporation website or even a darts analysis website that will provide the latest player standings and upcoming matches.

Find Value in 180’s markets

Bettors can make a decent profit by utilising the Most 180s betting market against the favourite. Placing a bet on the underdog, while using the Most 180’s market, is a fantastic way to make profits when it comes to dart betting consistently. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to check the number of legs in the matchup before making your selection.

Legality of Darts Betting

Darts might be the most popular in Europe, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make a bet on any darts tournament or championship from anywhere in the world. The biggest drawback to international dart events is that a limited number of legal sportsbooks provide betting markets for darts. However, you will be pleased to know that every legal sportsbook I included in my article present a wide range of betting markets when it comes to dart betting.

Another drawback is that certain countries won’t be able to participate in dart betting as their laws prohibit them from making any online sports wagers. Luckily, there is a fantastic range of offshore sportsbooks that accept online wagers from most countries, even if online betting is not legally allowed in the country you reside in.  It is important that when registering with a sportsbook that you select one that is licensed and regulated by a well-known governing body. You will find all the information you need at the bottom of the sportsbook’s homepage, and this will help you to ensures the sportsbook you choose is reliable, trustworthy, and offers a high level of security with your financial and personal information.


While darts might not be a very popular sport when it comes to online betting, it still offers an arsenal of winning possibilities to well-informed bettors that follow the sport. If you would like to become a dart betting expert, you will need to find an online sports betting site that provides the most competitive odds in the online betting industry, and utilise the availability of statistical information surrounding darts, and transform your knowledge and skills into the optimal betting strategy to ultimately profit in the long term.

Darts FAQ Section

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At what height should the dartboard be placed?

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