• Modern design and functionality
  • Wide range of sign up and recurring bonuses and promotions
  • Plenty of VIP features
  • Licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board
  • Deposit Methods

  • Devices

Pros & Cons

  • Long experience in the industry
  • Cool promotions for major sports
  • Quality customer support
  • Plenty of VIP features
  • Limitations on frequent winners
  • Sharp odds on major sports
  • Fewer markets compared to other sportsbooks
  • Not available to some countries
  • Occasional payout delays


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Reviewed by: Ryan Knuppel   Last Updated: June 5, 2019

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GTBets Review – How Legit Is This Sportsbook?

For sportsbooks ensuring legitimacy is essential. Read more to find out how GTBets meets the standards for trustworthiness and reliability.

GTBets is a leading sportsbook that was launched in 2011. Since that time, the company has enjoyed a stellar reputation for its quality features and services, catering mainly to the US market. The company is still one of the biggest and most popular casino-sportsbook combination site today, attesting to its continued trustworthiness and reliability in the industry.

The company was actually involved in the much-publicized acquisition of a few sportsbooks that have since ceased operations. Among these are VIP Sportsbook, BetGameDay and NINE. Altogether, GTBets has honored over $40,000 in payouts owed by these sportsbooks to their customers. This alone has done a great deal in bolstering the company’s reputation among sportsbook aficionados, and industry analysts and observers.

The sportsbook offerings are among the biggest draws in GTBets. In addition to most major sports, the company also accepts bets for horse races, and even entertainment, culture, and political events.


GTBets is licensed to operate and is regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. There is no information available with regard to fair game play and impartial results certification. Nevertheless, the fact that the company has been favourably regarded since it was launched in 2011 does suggest its fairness and impartiality.


Also in GTBets’ favor is the wide range of bonuses and rewards available. From welcome bonuses to recurring perks for loyal players, the company does its part to ensure that customers feel more welcome.

Special mention has to be made of the customer support team at GTBets, which pretty much meets the highest standards in the industry. Fast, responsive, and knowledgeable, the customer support staff at GTBets goes a long way in ensuring a quality experience.


Some of the criticisms about GTBets have to do with the relative scarcity of betting options. Compared to other sportsbooks, GTBets also tends to have sharper odds on major sporting events.

Some customers may also question the practice of imposing limitations on frequent winners. For a company that aims to address the needs of its customers, penalizing them for winning frequently seems to be bad judgment.

Finally, there are much fewer withdrawal options as compared to deposit options. Furthermore, there are occasional unexplained delays in payouts. These factors tend to put a damper on what is otherwise an enjoyable site.

Promotions and bonuses

GTBets has made its mark largely on the strength of its fresh and innovative promotions, and it doesn't disappoint in that regard. From the standard welcome bonuses to regular perks and even occasional special promotional offers, GTBets certainly knows how to jack up the playing balances of its customers.

Unfortunately, frequent winners may find that they have access to fewer and fewer perks as time goes on. This is a bit of a mystery, as you would suppose that a sportsbook would value its loyal customers more.

In any case, detailed information on bonuses and promotions is available on the site’s “Promotions” page. Customers are advised to check back frequently as new offers are rolled out.


Mobile users can play GTBets’ games and even wager on the go via the company’s mobile interface. There is no need to download any special software in order to do so, as the site will load from any mobile browser. All you have to do is browse to the site on a mobile device, and click on the link marked “Go To Mobile”. This will take you right to the mobile optimized version of GTBets.

All the perks and features available to desktop customers are available on mobile as well. This includes login, new account signup, deposits, wagers for sports and withdrawals. You don’t even have to sign up for a new account, as you can simply log in with the same information you provided for your desktop account.

GTBets mobile works on most every type of mobile device on the iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry platforms. The full range of banking options available to desktop users is available on mobile as well.


GTBets supports many of the common banking methods used in the sports betting industry, with some exceptions.

When making deposits or wagers, the finds are available almost immediately. This isn't always the case with payout however, which may be subject to occasional delays.


The good news is that most issues are ably handled by GTBets’ excellent customer support team. Although support isn't available 24 hours a day, you can get assistance with any questions or concerns every day of the week.

Customer support is available via phone, email, and live chat. Four different email addresses are provided, each for specific concerns or services. You can get a hold of a customer service representative within minutes, from 9:00 am to 3:00 am EST.


GTBets is quite a fully spec’d sportsbook site with a few puzzling omissions. Its sports betting options seem to be a bit lacking. Although many major sports are represented, there seems to be little in the way of more esoteric or specialty sporting events.

In GTBets’ favor, what is available is pretty impressive. There are enough betting options to satisfy any but the most hardcore bettors.

All in all, GTBets provides a fairly satisfactory experience. If the sports book offerings can be augmented and the banking issues addressed, GTBets may well become one of the finest online gambling and betting sites around.

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Support and Contact

  • Name: GTBets
  • Website URL: gtbets.eu
  • Year Established: 2011
  • Country: Curacao
  • 1-800-509-4847 (Canada and US)

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Mumba Eboji

Love using the mobile app for the sports betting, i would recommend GT Bets to anyone.