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Even though rowing is not the most popular sport out there, it is one of the oldest ones.

There are fewer betting opportunities for rowing compared to football and other mainstream sports, but a lot of people still love wagering on this unique betting market.

Rowing as a sport dates back to ancient Egypt when pharaohs held races on barges.

These attracted a lot of people who enjoyed the new attraction to the shores of the Nile. Several thousand years later, the Vikings improved the sport and gave it a practical purpose as well — improving their ship making skills.

Nowadays, in the United States, not a lot of people are interested in this water sport, other than those who practice it and compete in it.

However, rowing is a lot more popular in some European and African countries, such as the UK and South Africa. Therefore, if you live in these parts of the world, you might have a vague idea of the aspects involved.

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In our opinion, rowing is an excellent betting market to wager on because it’s fun and because it’s seasonal. Therefore, each year, there’s a unique chance to bet on it and win some wagers on races that are possibly held in your neighbourhood.

If you’re interested in rowing, or you’re just looking to add some diversity to your bet slip, we advise you to stay with us and keep reading. In the following sections of the article, we’ll teach you where and how to place bets on rowing. In addition, we’ll share some handy tips and tricks you can use.

Even though you probably don’t hear a lot about this sport, you’d be surprised to learn how many betting opportunities there are for it. The majority of large and reputable sportsbooks have entire sections dedicated to rowing, all of which are frequently updated with new events.

Therefore, finding a place where you can place a bet on your favourite rowing crew is not that difficult. But, as always, that does not mean you should do it anywhere.

To help you get started, we’ve created a list of the best sports betting sites for rowing where you can start placing your bets. We’ve considered dozens of sportsbooks but chose only the best and most reliable ones.

During this process of choosing, we considered factors such as odds, types of bets, coverage of events, licensing, payment options, bonuses, and anything else that matters. Therefore, no matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that you will have a good betting experience.

Popular Rowing Events

When it comes to betting, if you’re just starting to get familiar with a new market, the best idea is to stick to the most popular events. The most popular rowing events always get a lot of coverage online, so it’s easy to learn about the teams, individual rowers, their boats, training, statistics, and so on.

The three most popular rowing events include the World Rowing Cup, the World Rowing Championships, and the Olympic Games. All three of these happen during the summer in a relatively short period, so your summers will definitely be packed with action.

World Rowing Cup

The World Rowing Cup is a regatta event split into three separate races. This race is unique because each of the three races is held at a different place and at a different time. The destinations are always the same, though, and include Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Poznan, Poland, and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The first seven positions in these three races win a certain number of points. At the end of the final race, the winner is declared by adding up the points of each country that participates. The country with the highest number of points will become the new World Rowing Cup champion.

This competition can be compared to cycling Grand Tour races, where a cyclist becomes the winner of the race by accumulating points.

World Rowing Championships

World Rowing Championships are even more popular than the World Cup regattas. They consist of some of the most prestigious races in the sport and take place at the very end of the season. It is every rower’s dream to participate in the World Rowing Championships and make a name for themselves.

This event lasts for eight days and is progressive in nature. That means the rowers will progress through the championships until they reach the finals and win. The races are held every day, but the crews have sufficient time to rest between each race they participate in.

When the World Rowing Championships are held the same year when the Olympic Games take place, the Olympic classes are excluded. Only the International rowing classes are left in the championships.

Rowing at the Summer Olympics

Of course, the most prestigious rowing event you can watch and bet on is the Summer Olympic games. Rowing has been a part of the Olympics ever since the first official games were held in 1900.

There are four main rowing classes at the Summer Olympics you can bet on, including Men, Lightweight Men, Women, and Lightweight Women. In total, there are usually 14 events offered each time.

All the races at the Summer Olympics are raced over a 2,000 m course, which has been the standard ever since 1912. However, not everyone can participate in the Summer Olympics. The International Rowing Federation organises qualifications each time to determine who will enter the final event.

Different Rowing Betting Selections

The number of betting options for rowing is not as high as for soccer, basketball, American football, and other popular sports. However, sportsbooks still offer enough variety so that you don’t get bored easily.

Of course, you can bet on the winner of the race or the championship, but there are other exciting types of bets you can place. The several below are the ones that we make most often and that we recommend you get started with.

Bet on the Winner

This is by far the most popular type of bet in rowing. However, it’s far from the simplest one to win. By placing this bet, bettors are trying to guess which rower or which crew will win a competition or just one race.

Bet 1-3

To win this type of bet, bettors need to be successful at predicting the members of the crews that will take the first three positions in a race or a championship. Luckily, there is no need to guess the exact order of the teams, which makes winning the bet a bit easier. Nonetheless, this is a complicated bet to make because you need to know a lot about individual teams and their plans for the race.

H2H Bets

H2H bets are a bit vague and thus good for beginners. To win this bet, you need to guess which crews or rowers will rank higher in a race or a championship.

Betting Tips and Strategies For Rowing

Rowing Strategy

Rowing is not such a complex sport, but it is still not easy to make a winning bet. The fact that there is not a lot of media coverage of this sport makes things even more complicated for a beginner bettor.

Luckily, you can make things easier for yourself and increase your chances of winning by learning some popular tips and tricks. Here are our favourite ones!

Knowledge Is Power

If you are new to rowing, you probably don’t know a lot about the crews, their members, and their past results. How do you plan to bet then? The first thing you need to do is start researching and learning as much as possible about this sport. From our experience, you can do this in a matter of days and then keep learning as you go.

Don’t Bet on Underdogs in Big Competitions

Rowing, like other sports, is comprised of small and big competitions. If you are used to betting on underdogs who have better odds, we advise against that when it comes to major rowing events. The best teams will be motivated to win because of the prize awards and prestige, so there is little chance that black horses will get in their way.

Follow Social Media

When it comes to rowing, social media platforms are probably the best places to stay up to date with the latest information about the sport. You should follow the crews and their top members on SM platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow the International Rowing Federation as well; that way, you can learn a lot about the upcoming events.

Find the Site with the Best Odds

Last but not least, if you want to bet successfully on rowing, you need to make sure not to get ripped off. Compare the sites that offer rowing betting markets and choose the best one. If you do not know how to do that, scroll up a bit — we have already done it for you.

Legality of Betting On Rowing

If sports betting is legal in your jurisdiction, then rowing betting must be legal as well. There are no controversies or complications when it comes to placing bets on rowing, considering that it is an official Olympic sport.

That’s one of the reasons why betting on rowing is a good idea. The fact that it is universally recognized means that you can place bets on it wherever you are located. If sports betting is not legal in your jurisdiction, perhaps some offshore sportsbooks can offer good rowing betting markets.


There isn’t much more we can say about betting on rowing. As you can see, it is completely legal to wager on this interesting betting market, so there is no reason not to do it. You might be required to establish a steeper learning curve at the beginning, but you can quickly go from a rowing beginner bettor to a pro.

Just make sure to learn as much as possible about the sport and the crews, and remember the tips and tricks we have shared. To get started, place bets on one of the best sites for betting on rowing that we have tested and recommended above.

Rowing FAQ Section

Take a look at the answers to the questions we most commonly get about rowing. You might learn something new!

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