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The Wimbledon Championship is simply referred to as Wimbledon, it’s the world’s oldest tournament and is viewed as the most esteemed tennis event.

Since 1877 it is held in London at the Wimbledon All England Club and matches are played on grass courts. It is one of four tennis grand slam tournaments, while the three others include the US Open, French Open and Australian Open.

The tournament is the only one, of the four, played on an outdoor grass surface and takes place across two weeks at the end of June; it includes both gentlemen’s and ladies’ singles finals that are scheduled over the weekend at the completion of the second week.

Wimbledon championships are a popular spectators sport and are known for its dress code, royal presence and the consuming of strawberries and cream during the tournament, and no advertising on the court. A roof that is retractable was fitted in 2009 to lesson time lost during rain.

The main events at Wimbledon include mixed doubles, ladies’ doubles, gentlemen’s doubles, gentlemen’s singles and ladies’ singles. The junior events include girls’ singles, boy’s singles, girls’ doubles and boy’s doubles. Seven invitation events take place at Wimbledon which includes the gentlemen’s and ladies’ doubles, senior gentlemen’s doubles, ladies and gentlemen’s wheelchair singles and doubles.

There are 128 players in the ladies’ and gentlemen’s singles, 108 direct entries are accepted for the ladies’ competition, and 104 for the men’s and admittance is based on international rankings. Prize money for winners is £2,200,00, runner-up prizes are £1,100,000, the losing semi-finalists prize is £550,00, and losing quarter-finals £275,000.

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Other Tennis Tournaments

Australian Open

Australian Open

The Australian Open is known for its high attendances and holds the record for the Grand Slam with the highest attendance, in 1987 the attendance was 140,089, and by 2017 the tournament was attended by 728,763 spectators. The total prize money at the Australian Open is AUD 50,000,00 and singles winners receive $3,700,000, winners of doubles $650,000 and the winners of the mixed doubles $165,000.

Played in Melbourne Park, the Australian Open is played on hard courts, and spectators can enjoy the matches from courts two and three each with a capacity of 3,000 as well as courts seven up to fifteen, nineteen and twenty. By 2019 another 5,000 seats will be available as part of the $271 million redevelopments.

French Open

French Open

The French Open is also known as the Roland-Garros and is one of the major four Grand Slams in tennis. The French Open is classified as the most bodily challenging tennis tournament in the world and matches are played on clay courts are known to produce high bounce and slowing down the ball. The Roland Garros started 126 years ago in 1891 and was played until 1908 on a sand outdoors surface.

US Open

US Open

The United States Open Tennis Championships known as the US Open is a yearly event started in 1881. The event lasts for two weeks and starts in late August and is played on an acrylic hard court in New York at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre. 

The USTA organises and owns the US Open and all proceeds from sponsorships, ticket sales, and television promotions go towards tennis development in the USA. Until 1914 the tournament took place on the Newport Casino’s grass courts and from 1915 until 1977 at the West Side Tennis Club. The grounds of the United States Open hold twenty-two courts including thirteen field courts, four show courts and five courts used for practice. The US Open is a well-attended event and has seen 713,642 spectators in a tournament. The 2017 Men’s singles champion is Rafael Nadal, the women’s singles champion is Sloane Stephens, and the mixed doubles final champions are Jamie Murray and Marina Hingis.

Davis Cup

Davis Cup

As the highest regarded and ranked team tennis event, the Davis Cup is a knockout tournament participated by every nation; each team is selected according to international rankings, represents a country and is only allowed to take part in the final knockout stage once they win in the group events. The Davis Cup started in 1900 and was originally a challenge between the United States and Great Britain, more and more teams entered, and in 2016 the competition had 135 teams. Over the history of the Davis Cup, the most tournaments were won by the US who won thirty-two tournaments, Australia won twenty-eight times and the champions in 2017 in France.

ATP World Tour

ATP World Tour

The main tour event in tennis is the Association of Tennis Professional or ATP World Tour, it hosts several tournaments every year, and it is a men’s exclusive event. Tournaments take place in cities such as Paris, Shanghai, Toronto, Rome, Madrid, Monte Carlo, and London and each of the events is a ranking tournament event.

Tennis Betting Tips

The driving force behind the sports betting force as well as tennis is the technological development of mobile and online betting, creating more betting opportunities than ever and allowing more individuals to get involved in the action of tennis betting.

Tennis Match Betting

This betting option is uncomplicated and based on the results or outcome of the match. Match betting is extremely popular due to its straightforwardness, and the wager is made on the players you predict will win the match.

Outright Winner

This betting option allows punters to wager on the winner of the tournament and in most cases, it offers the best monetary returns.

Tennis Set Winner Bets

Another betting favourite set winners or tennis set winner bets is the wagering on individual sets and sports betting sites provide punters with the opportunity to wager on the winner of the first set or any set, although some sites only allow betting on the first, second and third sets, individually. The tennis set winner bets are similar to match winner wagers, although the difference is bets can be placed on the results of sets and not the outcome of the entire game.

Major Betting Tournaments

In tennis, there is no shortage of high profile tournaments, and punters can enjoy great betting profits all year round, the tournaments that attract the biggest betting attention are Wimbledon, the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, Davis Cup and the ATP Challenger Tour.

Betting Tips & Strategies in Tennis

Betting Tips & Strategies in Tennis

More variables are offered by tennis than other sport betting events, and bettors have ample opportunities to maximize their profits by using strategies based on knowledge of statistics, such as player fitness, player injuries, surface players excel at, newly signed racket sponsorships and previous achievements.

Pre-Match Tennis Betting

When it comes to Wimbledon, the best pre-match betting is to wager on the heavy favourite to win the first set. This option offers great odds and by knowing the stats chances are that you will make a profit.

Know When to Strike

Tennis is a highly exciting sports betting option, and it’s all about knowing when to strike a betting deal, the odds move fast, and while some punters wait for the outcome of the first set, it could be a great chance to make the most of the improved odds.

Familiarise Yourself with Match Surfaces

Once you have followed your favourite players in preparation for the big betting events chances are that you already know which is the best surfaces for each player. By checking in advance on what outdoor surfaces the matches will be played is a great step in the right direction.  Combined with the player ranking, previous matches and fitness levels it could bring victory to your bankroll.

Major tournaments such as the Australian Open and US Open takes place on hard surfaces, which allows less slide and could be less favoured by players who excel on clay or grass.

Wimbledon is played on an outdoor grass court; the courts are sown since 2001 with 100% perennial ryegrass, where it was previously sown with a combination of creeping red fescue, and ryegrass. The change in the grass was made to improve strength and durability and to withstand the impact of the modern play.

Serving and Returning

In-play betting is one of the most popular forms of betting on tennis and allow bettors to wager on a game while watching the action on live streaming ads. This helps bettors to get the most out of this form of wagering is to understand the intricacies of the serve and return. Even the best or biggest of the servers drop serves once at least in a match. The serve is as important in tennis than a tee-shot in golf or a free kick in football; it is a time when the outcome is in the hands of an individual if it is a great server, the chances are that the point will be their’s 80% of the time.

Betting Legality in Tennis

Sports betting and more specifically tennis betting became a highly competitive market, this is great news for anyone who is passionate about tennis or wishes to start betting on tennis events. The high competition gives punters a great selection of choices and by selection, a legal sports betting site regulated by a respectable gambling licensing agency you get the best odds, highest variety of tennis betting options and the best services, including fast payouts, great bonus offers and top security.


Tennis is one of the most demanding sports in the world, requiring endurance and extreme concentration. The same can be said for those who wish to bet on Wimbledon Tennis. Although betting on Wimbledon tennis might seem like a tough proposition, there are still plenty of winning potential to astute bettors. To become a self-proclaimed tennis betting expert, you will need to compare sportsbooks to find the most competitive odds, and use your tennis knowledge, such as player performances and game analysis, to create the perfect betting strategy. This will ultimately lead to profits over the long term.

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