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The Australian Open is one of the world’s premier events for professional tennis players. The technology behind tennis has seen many changes in recent years, mostly with the type of materials used within their rackets. The changes that had the most recent impact was the tracking of player shots that is carried out with digital sensors. Those changes have allowed many of the world’s elite tennis players to get the most out of their performance.

This has been crucial for players who wish to see their performance on the court improved as it allows for them to review, measure and improve how they play and what areas need to be focused on for increase performance results. While sensors are still in their infancy when it comes to tennis and adding them to racket butts, the addition of them will be used to provide valuable information relating to the speed of the ball.

While it will have little impact during matches, the added telemetric information will be critical in player development, and it is expected this will be evident in several years’ time. It is always positive for bettors to understand what new technology is available, but understanding how it works and how that can impact results during matches such as the Australian Open can mean huge gains when it relates to profit.

The Australian Open is played on a hard surface court at the Melbourne Park Tennis complex and is one of four annual Gram Slam events. The event gets underway in January and, the range of matches is superb and includes both single, doubles or men and women, mixed doubles, boy’s singles, girl’s singles, boy’s doubles and girl’s doubles. In addition to those mentioned, the Australian Open includes several matches for wheelchair athletes.

The Australian Open is considered a demanding event due to the level of play, but also the extreme heat conditions that prevail in Australia. It is physically and mentally demanding with only those who with their wits about them will succeed.

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The hard surface courts at Melbourne Park are constructed with the use of a synthetic material called Plexxicushion. As the paint used to cover the hard court includes sand, the amount added to the paint will have an impact on how the ball will react with respect to its speed. The hard surface is known for being flat, uniformed and appeals to a broad range of playing styles.

An example of this would be Roger Federer, a top-seeded player, who in the last seven years has only been successful in winning the final in Australia, whereas Novak Djokovic has earned five final wins at Melbourne Park. There is a long list of players who have had great success at other events but failed to find success at Australian Open. Yet, there is a long list of tennis players, both male and female who have dominated at Melbourne, with Andre Agassi, Serena Williams and Roy Emerson being just a few.

The Melbourne facility is steeped in tradition and offers a $55 million prize pool in 2018. The winners in the men’s and women’s singles take home a respectable $4 million with the runner-up earning a $2 million payday. There are additional prizes for men’s and women’s doubles, mixed doubles, as well as for those that succeed in other rounds.

My goal with this article is to not only provide you information about the Australian Open but also to give insight into the many legal sportsbooks that offer betting on tennis. The popularity of the sports remains high, and as such, many bookmakers offer great odds and a variety of different betting options. As you progress through this article, you will find answers to common tennis related questions, and I will discuss the most common tennis bets that can be placed and include some insightful information that hopefully will give you an advantage and allow you to achieve greater profits.

Other Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

There is a multitude of reasons why the sport of tennis is popular. In an age when many want to see intense fighting action such as the MMA, tennis remains a “gentleman’s” sport of sort’s thanks in part to its steeped history and rules that govern player behaviour.



Arguably the most famous tennis event is Wimbledon. Known as the grand slam of grand slams, it takes place each July at United Kingdom’s famed All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. The tournament garners interest with fans of the sport and even those who are casual observers.

Wimbledon has played host to the world’s greatest tennis players and made lesser known players stars. The tournament covers ladies and gentlemen’s doubles, singles, and mixed doubles and has been a staple since 1877.

French Open

French Open

Referred to as the Roland-Garros, the French Open is one of five tennis majors that is held late in May and the early part of June in Paris at the Stade Roland-Garros. The event got its name in honour of one of France’s most famous aviators, Roland Garros. Considered by many to be the foremost event for clay court tournaments, it is the only major that played on a clay court.

ATP Challenger Tour

ATP Challenger Tour

The ATP Challenger Tour consists of three circuits. The ATP Champions Tour, ATP World Tour and the ATP Challenger Tour. There are a total of sixty-three tournaments that are hosted in thirty-one countries including stops in America, Asia, India, Australia and France to name a few. The men’s only tour, it see’s players competing for prominent titles with the top eight players heading to London to compete for its title at the Nitto ATP Finals.

Different Types of Tennis Bets

Betting on tennis is carried out in a number of different ways. In this section, I will look at those in detail and touch base on wagers that are most popular with bettors, throw in a few tips and take the opportunity to remind bettors that playing with legal sports betting sites we recommend is paramount for long-term success.

The most common bets placed in tennis include betting on sets, matches, propositions bets, and who will win the first set.

Betting on Sets

Betting on sets is probably the most common for bettors as it allows them to use stats and predict scores easier than trying to predict overall match scores. While predicting set results can be difficult, and odds tend to be on the higher side, if the winner is chosen, the profits are far more significant. This style of bet is more geared towards those who find the challenge of predicting a winner exciting and more rewarding.

Betting on Matches

Betting on matches is the easier of bets one can make in tennis. This involves choosing who will win the match. However, while it may seem simple enough, there are a number things one should consider prior to placing their bet. The main consideration needs to focus on settled the amount staked should one of the players be forced to retire from the match. Those sportsbooks we recommend all tend to favour the bettor in instances such as this. Other things to consider are the odds and the amount won if successful

Proposition Bets

Another player favourite is Proposition bets. This is because this style of betting gives a number of options that set and match bets don’t. This includes the ability to place bets on double faults for example, and with the proper investment in player information, it will help bettors to see success when making a proposition bet.

First Set

Betting on the first set is one that can be easier to determine the winner. Clearly, this means bettors must be up-to-date on player stats and understand how each performs throughout matches. The advantage of this is you do not need to wait until the completion of the match to find out if you have been successful in your prediction.

Betting Strategies and Tips for Tennis

In order to be successful in tennis betting, it is imperative that you employ specific strategies. By doing so, you can improve your success rate, and therefore see your profits increase. The first and foremost thing that must take precedence is investing time to research those participating in a match you are interested in placing a wager on.

This would include looking at overall player stats, how they perform on certain surfaces such as grass or clay, their level of fitness and previous performances at the event in question. In addition, it is essential to study how a player responds when under the gun, and not to put more value on head to head matches than needed.

Tennis FAQ Section

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