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Union of European Leagues of Basketball

Basketball is an exciting, suspenseful, energetic and action-packed team sport that is played by two teams, each team consists of five players, and all focus is on scoring points by successfully shooting the ball through a loop that is elevated 10-ft, from the ground.

Basketball takes place on an indoor rectangular court featuring hoops at each end of the court, the offensive team, start the game and put the ball into play at the mid-court line failing to pass the ball over the mid-court line the defence claims the ball after 10 seconds. Basketball team player positions include forwards, centres and guards and punters that are new to betting on basketball are advised to get familiar with the techniques and fundamentals of shooting, passing, dribbling, jump stops, cutting, rebounding, and defence, all part of baseball basics.

The ULEB is the Union Des Ligues Europees De Basket-Ball or in English the Union of European Leagues of Basketball, an organisation that creates growth of the exhilarating sport on a professional level in Europe. Professional basketball leagues organisations form the members based in eleven different countries including Spain, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Israel, Greece, Germany, France, and Belgium.

The ULEB was originally formed by professional basketball leagues of Spain, Italy, and France in Rome on the 25th of June 1991. An All-Star weekend in Madrid, Spain in November 1992 featured the most talented players from the Italian and Spanish leagues, and this exciting experience was reoccurred a year later before 10,500 spectators in Rome. The French League joined the ULEB in 1994 at the event of the All Stars weekend then moved to Spain, Valencia and offered a display of the best-skilled players in the Spanish, Italian and French leagues. The first to join the three original founders in 1996 was the Greek League,. The ULEB had only three Presidents, the first being Gianluigi Porelli who remained president from 1991 to March 1998. Eduardo Porteia took over until October 2016, and its current president is Tomas Van Den Spielding, who has overseen the Swiss, Belgian and British leagues joining the ULEB.

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June 2000 was a key date for the European basketball and ULEB since it was the most important clubs in the ULEB and Europe leagues day when a meeting in Sitges was held and it was decided that a new competition was to be held called the Euroleague. Before the men’s top clubs were run by FIBA and the very first game of the EuroLeague featured Olympiakos versus Madrid, it took place on the 16th of October and was played in Madrid. In 2001, one year later in October, the ULEB expanded again, and this time it was joined by Poland (PLK), Netherlands (DBL), and Germany (BBL) leagues. The second European Club competition took place in October 2002, and this time the first game took place between Novo Mesto and Darussafaka on the 15th of October 2002 and was played in Istanbul.

The ULEB expanded more in 2003 and by June was joined by the LKL Lithuania league, another expansion was celebrated in 2005 when the Israel league joined in July, and more recent ULEB additions includes the VTB United league from Russia, which in July 2014 replaced the PBL. Currently, there are twelve professional leagues represented by the ULEB across Europe, and the ULEB is now a shareholder in the ECA or Euroleague Commercial Assets, Basketball Champions league in SA and other leagues that have joined, left and rejoined the ULEB includes Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Adriatic, and Portugal.

At present, the ULEB members include Spain, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Israel, Greece, Germany, France, and Belgium.

ULEB basketball is a fast-moving game offering a wide variety of ways to enjoy exhilarating betting and astonishing profits. The ULEB is a combination of the best players in the world part of the top leagues globally. If you are well-informed and knows just how excellent and exciting basketball betting is I would still like to recommend some of the best legal sportsbook available online as my list feature sites that have been tested and found to offer the finest services.

International Basketball Events that are Popular

Yearly events are in abundance when it comes to international basketball, and fans and punters have several to look forward to and to enjoy, some of the biggest events that appeal to both the fans and bettors aiming to enjoy huge profits are listed below.

National Basketball Association

National Basketball Association

The NBA league hosts professional basketball player and takes place in North America; it includes 30 teams of which one team is based in Canada and the others in the United States. The premier league in the NBA is for professional players globally, and around 82 games are part of every season of which half the games are played on home grounds and the rest away from home.

NBA G League

A minor basketball league of the NBA, and currently, it consists of 27 teams used to farm potential players from for the major leagues, and it is great of up and coming players since each team is affiliated with a professional NBA team.

FIBA World Cup of Basketball

The FIBA World Cup of basketball started in 1932; it is famed for getting together the over 214 federations from across the globe. Every four years both women and men partake in the championship held at the same time although the event takes place on two continents.

What EuroLeague Basketball Betting is All About

EuroLeagueThe most celebrated, esteemed, and highest regarded transnational basketball league globally and in Europe is the EuroLeague, known for pitting the champions of twelve of the top countries together, the games against each other takes place results in a series of slam dunking games that are fast-paced and guarantee the most phenomenal competing.  The opportunity for a single basketball club to claim the title as the champion of the continent is based on previously separate leagues combined results, which includes the ULEB EuroLeague, and the FIBA Suproleague, the EuroLeague represents player unity and the chance for one club to the victor.

Online basketball betting is more exciting than with any other sport, and punters get the opportunity to watch star players such as Vassillis Spanoulis in a contest or working alongside new league players, like Scotty Hopson or Bryant Dunston as each race to claim the final score point before the buzzer. In basketball, it is the rookie players that keep the betting options alive as well as the game. Punters get to witness how the rookies keep pros on the top of their game and at the same time, it creates new dynamics within and between teams. Ultimately it offers even more exciting ways to enjoy top rewards.

The predictions within the EuroLeague heavily depend on the team’s previous performances, player performances, team members, and how new or rookie players inject games with excitement. This creates an opportunity for punters to participate in EuroLeague betting where new odds offer escalating profit opportunities, and by closely following all team developments, the result can lead to substantial profits.

Basketball Betting Tips/Strategies

Basketball Betting Strategies

Basketball, Professional Basketball and EuroLeague betting became a major business, and a broad variety of sports books feature helpful tips a variety of tricks on how to use betting odds to punters favour, while the sport is known for its enthralling feats of performances by athletes, basketball is a dynamic game and for online bettors it is a great way to take advantage of your team performance knowledge to gain advantage in betting.

When it comes down to the very best wagering tips in the EuroLeague, I find the following to work the best and I hope in sharing them, it will also positively influence your profits. The first or most important is to make sure you follow the prediction of the EuroLeague followed by the second which is to read up on the rookies, the new team members and especially their past performances, past milestones, how they got to enter the team and their game history while participating in other teams. Thirdly, and this one is really important, keep your strategy in basketball betting consistent, in, consistent I mean right throughout the season. With the shared three tips, I have great confidence that every punter can keep the EuroLeague, as well as other basketball event odds in their favour and with wager options ranging from the point, spreads to the total, you can make some chunky profits.

Basketball Betting Legality

In Europe sports betting is hugely popular and bettors can bet on basketball at a number of reputable and established brands providing services in a variety of languages. Prominent brands offer betting services in multiple European countries, licensing and regulations are handled on a local or national level in each of the European countries. The major focus at European betting sites is on popular sports across the continent and all localized sites, offer betting on sporting events and national leagues. Sports covered include basketball with an emphasis on the EuroLeague and NBA leagues. Top brands also provide betting on major North American sports including MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NCAA American college sports and NHL hockey.

Online betting sites are regulated at a state level in Spain and Germany, while sites are licensed by the Gambling Commission based in the British territory of Gibraltar and Netherlands sites are licensed and regulated by the Dutch Gaming Authority. A large number of respectable offshore international sites service the European market and is regulated and licensed in the country they are based and offers a wide variety of deposit methods including e-wallets and credit/debit cards. Europe is one of the most established markets when it comes to sports betting and punters have a wide variety to select from since many regulated and reputable brands, are eager to make sports fans online sports betting experience fun and enjoyable.

Keep the shared betting tips in mind before placing any basketball bet and I am sure you will be one step closer to the real money prize, and with that lucky payday in sight, every single basketball game becomes more exciting, every throw and pass creates an enthralling experience unlike you have experienced before.


While ULEB basketball betting is rather unpredictable due to high scoring, and fast-paced action, astute bettors still experience large rewards thanks to using an optimal betting strategy. To become a ULEB basketball betting expert, you will first need to compare multiple online sportsbooks to locate the best possible odds for every game. Secondly, you will need to watch as many games as possible and ensure you keep track of key players that have a significant impact on the game. Once you can transform your basketball knowledge into winning wagers, you’ll be able to enjoy long-term profits.

Basketball FAQ Section

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