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Polska Liga Koszykówki

Basketball is an action-packed team sport; two teams compete, each consisting of five team members trying to score points by getting the ball through a 10-ft, elevated hoop. The game is played on a rectangular indoor floor that is referred to as the court.

The hoops are placed at each end of the court, and the game starts with the offensive team putting the ball into play from the mid-court line. If it fails to pass the mid-court line in 10 seconds, the defence then claims the ball. Player positions include centres, forwards and guards and for all betting purposes, punters new to basketball should know the fundamentals and techniques of shooting, dribbling, passing, jump stops, jab steps, pivoting and footwork, cutting, defence and rebounding, which is all part of the basics of basketball.

The Polish Basketball League or more commonly known in Poland as the Polska Liga Koszykowski is a professional men’s basketball league; it is the highest-tier level and the first of the Polish league pyramid. The team that enjoys victory in the final round of the Polish Basketball League become the seasons Polish Champions. Initially, the league started in late 1947 and continued into early 1948 before the I Liga organised it as the Polish Basketball Association. At the start of the 1997 -1998-season the Polska Liga Koszykowki PLK SA took over the league that was originally started by the PLK SA, and this saw it turned into a professional league in the 2000 – 2001 season.

The Polish Basketball League plays under the FIBA rules and currently is made up of seventeen professional basketball teams or clubs and the season is divided into a playoff and league stage since the 1985 to 1985 season, at the end of each of the stages the eight teams that came out tops automatically qualify for the playoff stage.

Due to reasons and these are mostly sponsorship’s rules the league has gone through name changes numerous times. The league was known as the Polska Liga Koszykowsie (PLK) from 1997 up to 1999, and the league title changed to Lech Basket Liga (LBL) from 1999 to 2001. Another name changed came in 2001 when the league was named the Polska Liga Koszykowki again until 2003. The new name from 2003 up to 2005 was Ear Basket Liga (EBL), and the name then changed to Dominet Baket Liga (DBL) which renamed the league name until 2006. From 2006 up to 2008 the name was Dominet Bank Estraliga (DBE) and then it changed from 2008 up to 2010 to the Polska Liga Koszykowki again, although from 2010 to 2016 the name was changed to Tauron Basket Liga and in 2016 returned to Polska Liga Koszykowki (PLK) again. The name changes are significant for punters who wish to study team statistics since it would require searches under different league titles.

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The teams participating in the 2017 – 2018 season include Answil Wloclawek, Wiiki Morske Szczecin, Assesco Gdynia, Trefi Sopot, AZS Koszalin, TBV Start Lublin, BM Slam Stal Ostrow Wielpokolski, Stelmet Sielona Gora, Energa Czarni Slupsk, Rosa Radom, GTK Gliwice, Polski Cukier Torun, Legia Warsaw, Polpharma Starogard Gdanski, Miasto Szkla Kronso and PGE Turow Zgorzelec.

Basketball is a fast-paced game that offers numerous ways to enjoy exciting betting and large profits. Apart from the Polish Basketball League, there are also several other top basketball leagues to wager on, and I discuss some of them next.

Readers who are already familiar with the different betting strategies and only need to find a highly recommended legal sportsbook for online betting are welcome to check my list below:

Popular Basketball Events

The international basketball event calendar is filled with great events offering ample betting opportunities to basketball fans, and for this reason, I include some of the most exciting basketball events to ensure you don’t miss out on greats.

National Basketball Association

National Basketball Association

Mostly just as the NBA is a league for professional male basketball players and is held in North America. The NBA consists of thirty teams, including twenty-nine teams from the United States and one from Canada. The NBA is the premier league for professional basketball players worldwide, and during each season every team plays around eighty –two games, which consists of forty-one played at home and forty-one played away.

NBA G League

The basketball minor league consists of twenty-seven teams, it is used a farm system for the major leagues, especially since every team is affiliated with an NBA team.

FIBA World Cup of Basketball

Formed in 1932, the tournament is known for bringing together the National Basketball Federations, totalling 214, from around the world. The Basketball World Cup takes place every four years and both the men and women’s championships take place in the same year although on different continents.

Types of Basketball Betting

Basketball fans will easily get into basketball betting since the over/under, point spreads and moneyline betting all makes sense once you know the basics of the sport. Other popular betting options also include parlays, prop bets and future bets, and once you understand them all it is easier to identify the ones more suited to your betting preferences.


The moneyline is not one of the most popular bets in basketball although this option is quite straightforward and uncomplicated, the punter needs to select the winning team of the game, which involves a bit of background knowledge of the teams and by using the statistics, it is possibly one of the greatest profit boosters.

Totals (Over/Under)

The totals wagering closely resemble the point spread in gambling and is favoured by many, the bookie select a number on how the game is projected to pan out and the overall totals can vary from 180 on average up to 220. Bettors are required to guess if the actual game total points will be under or lower than the projected number of over, higher than the number that was predicted by the bookmaker.


Risky yet favoured by many, parlay wagering requires punters to predict the minimum of moneylines, two-point spreads or totals and then to combine this into a single bet. A payout is awarded only when all the parlay selections win.


In basketball, using the props betting option means the punter wagers on the outcomes of the game. This type of betting is hugely favoured due to its creative nature, and at the same time it is extremely profitable, punters can also wager for example on the total points that would be scored by a player.


Future bets are based on the future outcomes, games that will take place in future and this option allows punters to predict the outcome of championships.

Basketball Betting Strategies and Tips

Armed with the knowledge of how the different wagering types can be used to profit from basketball you can focus on strategies and tips on how to make more profits. I’m listing only a few tips that will guide you towards a great kick-off to profitable wagering.

Basketball Betting Strategies

Winning Streaks

Teams and players have hot and cold spots during the season, and once punters can identify these, it is easier to predict when your favourite team is about to enjoy a winning streak. By classifying a winning streak, it is possible for bettors to enjoy a profitable betting period with excellent winnings.

Injury Reports are a Great Tool

Fitness and injury reports are great tools to use to ensure you are up to date with the latest occurrences within the team. Key player injuries have a massive effect on game outcomes, and by knowing all the details before the next game, it could alter your betting strategy since basketball is a physically demanding high action sport. So, the injured player’s previous game statistics would reveal how valuable he was to the team and could be a clear indicator of the difficulties it would suffer due to the player’s absence.

Selective Wagering

Be selective when making your bets, in which team gets your vote of confidence and the number of betting types used. With a knowledgeable background in the team statistics and injuries suffered, it offers valuable insight into which of the teams stands a better chance of winning. The more statistical knowledge a punter has, the more successful his strategies are and being profitable is by selecting the best wagering type based on the knowledge you have collected. Basically, keep it uncomplicated, don’t take chances as betting reduces your bankroll make calculated bets and enjoy the victory with the team that you bet on.

Team Home Games vs Away Games

Half of every team’s games are away why half are at home ground; this is greatly affected by how the team performs in games played at home as well as how they perform after travelling. Travelling time could also influence performance, and it is best to check the history of games played after long travels.

Basketball Betting Legality

Sports betting in Poland is hugely popular and three main operators offered betting shops before the Polish Act on Gaming introduced high taxation in 2010 on all sports betting. Revenues fell considerably until the Euro 2012, which offered sports betting companies an opportunity to recover. Online sports betting was made legal by the Polish Act on Gaming amendment in 2011 in Poland. Online sports betting is quite developed in Poland unlike other parts of online gambling and since January 2017, lotteries also provide online sports betting services.

Online sports betting at foreign sportsbooks is illegal in Poland and is actively blocked by the Polish authorities. Despite the rules set out by the government, many Polish punters engage in betting via foreign betting online sites since there are no internet restrictions blocking users from engaging with many sites that welcomes Polish bettors and even provide services in the Polish language. Promotions and advertising might be scrapped in the country, which is a detriment to sports teams relying on sponsorship deals.

There are 21 online sportsbooks in Poland that offer gameplay in Polish or English and wagers are accepted in US Dollars, Polish Zloty, and Euros. When it comes to other forms of online gambling there are 12 online poker sites, 23 online mobile casinos, 152 online casinos and 14 online bingo sites.

Online sports betting sites welcoming Polish bettors are regulated and licensed by major authorities such as the Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. Punters are welcomed via a sports welcome bonus and can enjoy betting on a huge variety of different sports events.


Basketball in Poland has a rich history since 1934, and although it’s a lesser-known sport when it comes to online betting, it still offers a huge reward system to informed bettors in the online sports betting industry. To become successful, while placing wagers on Polish basketball, you will need to locate a reputable online sportsbook that can offer you competitive odds. Couple this with the ability to transform game analysis and previous statistics into a reliable betting system, and you can enjoy extraordinary profits in the long term.

Polish Basketball League FAQ Section

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Why Basketball Betting is Highly Recommended

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