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The Ashes

The Ashes is a renowned Test cricket series that is played between Australia and England. The cricket team that most recently won the Test Series holds The Ashes. Should the test series end up in a draw, the current team that holds the Ashes will retain the trophy.

The term “Ashes” originated in a mocking obituary that was published in The Sporting Times newspaper after Australia won at The Oval in 1882. This was Australia’s first test win while playing on English soil. The publication in the Sporting Times newspaper stated that English cricket died and that the body would be cremated for the ashes to be taken to Australia.

These mythical ashes were immediately associated with the cricket series played in Australia during 1882-83, before which Ivo Bligh, the English captain, promised to recover the ashes.

After England managed to win 2 of the 3 Tests on the cricket tour, a tiny silver urn was offered to Ivo Bligh by Florence Morphy and a group of Melbourne women. Within a year after the urn was presented, Ivo Bligh married Florence Morphy. The contents of the famous urn are presumed to be that of a wooden bail that was humorously portrayed as the ashes of Australian cricket.

It’s worth mentioning that the urn was never the official trophy, as it was a personal gift to Ivo Bligh. However, there have been several replicas made that are usually held aloft by victorious cricket teams. The Ashes Test series consists of 5 tests that is hosted by Australia and England at least once every two years. Australia have won 33 test series (2017) and England have won 32 (2015) and five of them ended up in a draw.

In my review, I will look at similar cricket events that are offered at legal sports betting sites around the world and include the most popular Ashes betting types found at legal sportsbooks. Furthermore, I will provide useful tips and strategies when betting on The Ashes. In addition, I will walk you through the legality of betting on The Ashes, include frequently asked questions surrounding The Ashes, and shed some light on why I believe betting on The Ashes is highly recommended.

If you don’t want to read my entire review and simply want recommendations on legal betting sites and where to place a bet on The Ashes, here is my list. This allows you to jump straight into the betting action if you already understand how to bet on cricket. However, if you still require assistance on betting types and strategies, I included loads of information below.

List of Sports Betting sites accepting players from the USA:

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Similar Cricket Events

There are plenty of other cricket events held throughout the year that both cricket buffs and sports bettors can enjoy other than The Ashes cricket series. I included the most popular and entertaining cricket events below and included a brief explanation on each of them. All the cricket events listed below are available at legal sportsbooks.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is considered the most respected and honourable cricket tournament in the world that is held once every 4 years. Established in 1975, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the most view cricket tournament across the globe. The tournament features 20 different national teams, and Australia is the current world champions.

ICC Champions Trophy

This is a one-day international cricket event held every four years and features 13 different national teams. It’s seen as the second most important tournament in cricket after, with the most important being the ICC Cricket World Cup. The last tournament was held in 2017, and Pakistan are the current champions.

ICC World Twenty20

The ICC World T20, also referred to as the World Twenty20, is an international cricket championship that is held every two years. However, the next ICC World T20 will be held in Australia in 2020. The championship features sisteen different teams with the West Indies being the current champions.

Indian Premier League

This is a Twenty20 professional cricket tournament that takes place in India every year between April and May. The tournament features eight teams from different cities in India. The current champions of the Indian Premier League are the Mumbai Indians.

Border–Gavaskar Trophy

This is a Test series that is played between India and Australia. The Border-Gavaskar is one of the most competitive cricket test series in the world that is held once a year between two of the best cricket teams in the world with India being the current champions.

Types of Ashes Cricket Bets

The Ashes is one of the most entertaining and competitive cricket events, providing an arsenal of different betting types at legal sportsbooks. You will find everything from match betting to a wide range of proposition bets on every match. I included a list of betting types you will come across when betting on The Ashes along with a brief description below:

Basic Ashes Betting Types

Match Betting

This is considered the easiest and most common bet when it comes to The Ashes. You simply need to guess which cricket team will win the match. Keep in mind. However, that should the match end up in a tie or the game is decided in less than 20 overs, the bet will be voided.

Tied Match

This type of bet is also known as a Draw No Bet in cricket, allowing you to predict that the match will end up in a tie or draw.

Series Winner

It is extremely common for cricket teams to play more than a one-day international. This is especially true when it comes to The Ashes, playing a five-game test series. Therefore, you can also bet which team will win the entire test series as opposed to a single match.

The Ashes Team Propositions

Coin Toss Win

These types of bets have nothing to do with the outcome of the cricket series or match results. Instead, you can make a bet on which team will win the coin toss before the game gets underway.

Toss Combination

This type of wager provides an extra component to the coin toss and features higher odds. You can bet if the chosen team will decide to bowl first or bat first.

Odd/Even Run Scores

You can predict if the total runs, or total score, accumulate by a cricket team will either be an odd or perhaps an even number.

First Innings Score

This is also an even/odd bet that you can make on either cricket team. However, it will be limited to the score accumulated at the end of the first innings, and not the entire match.

Match Scores

You can place a wager on the total runs scored by a team at the end of the game. Bookmakers will normally offer a range of total runs along with very attractive odds.

The Ashes Player Propositions

Top Batsman

You can use this type of bet to guess which batsman will score the most runs in a single match. This type of bet is also divided into several categories such as Top home batsman, Top match batsman, Top Series batsman, and Top Away batsman. The odds are extremely attractive when making this type of bet as it’s challenging to guess which batsman will score the most runs.

Top Batsman Team

Instead of betting on an individual batsman to score the most runs, you simply need to guess which cricket team will feature the top batsman.

Top Bowler

This type of bet requires you to guess which bowler will accumulate the most wickets during a single match.

Man of the Match

You will need to guess which player will be declared Man of the Match. It’s worth mentioning that this type of bet will only be available in major cricket tournaments or test series such as The Ashes.

The Ashes Betting Tips and Strategies

The Ashes Betting Tips and Strategies

There are loads of contributing factors that you will need to consider before deciding to place a bet on The Ashes Test Series. The tips and strategies I included below will help you make a more educated betting decision that can ultimately lead to bigger profits and more winning opportunities.

Study Statistics

This is probably one of the best cricket tips I can give you when it comes to betting on The Ashes series. The first tournament was played in 1882, which means you can find an abundance of statistical information on the two cricket teams to determine who won the most, how each team has evolved, and what to expect next. You should also study player statistics to see who will play a key role in each match.

Maintain Focus

There is an almost endless list of betting markets when it comes to betting on The Ashes series. However, you will need to keep in mind that betting on too many markets could lead to a significant loss instead of more profits. If you are new to the online betting scene, it’s better to stick with what you know and what you find the most comfortable. Secondly, it will also be beneficial to determine how much you plan to wager on the game beforehand. This will allow you to keep track of your bankroll more efficiently.

Compare Sportsbooks

This is another vital part of your success when betting on The Ashes. The Test Series is renowned across the globe with a rich history. Therefore, you will find several leading sportsbooks providing competitive odds during each match. This allows you to browse through a vast range of sports betting sites on getting the best bang for your buck. It might take a bit of legwork, but you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Legality of The Ashes Betting

Betting on The Ashes Test Series is available around the world. This allows you to easily place a bet on the entire series, a single match, or a wide range of propositional bets from the comfort of your own home. However, the problem that some bettors might face is the fact that online sports betting is not available in certain countries. This means that bettors might have to register with offshore betting sites that could potentially steal their money or refuse to pay winnings when it comes to withdrawing.

It’s for this reason that you will need to ensure the sports betting site you wish to register with is indeed legal, secure, and safe. The best way to check if the site is legal is to ensure they are licensed and regulated by a reputable governing body or gaming authority. You can also do additional research by reading online reviews that will provide insight into the company’s reputation and history. This will provide valuable information on how they treat their clients and what you can expect before registering. Lastly, you can review the bonuses they offer and the level of security on their site to ensure no third-party can obtain your personal and financial information. Each of the sportsbook listed in my review are legal and provide the best bonuses, security, and customer support.


The Ashes Cricket series not only provides a truly competitive matchup between two world-class cricket teams, but also gives bettors a unique challenge when it comes to betting on the Ashes. The key is to locate the best online sports betting site that offers competitive odds, while using several reliable sources to obtain the latest statistical information to become profitable in the long run when betting on the Ashes.

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