Best 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Legally Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency

To enable you to ensure you are going to have as hassle free an experience as possible when you are buying or selling digital currencies, I would strongly advise you to read through this guide to digital currency exchanges.

By doing so you are going to discover what you should be demanding from any digital currency exchange you do decide to use, and also you will find an overview of a range of established and trusted exchanges that do indeed off their customers a fully rounded and non-complicated way of buying and selling any quantity of digital currencies.

Also, do keep in mind that there are now some alternative ways that you are going to be able to make profits and financial gains from the volatility of any digital and cryptocurrency, and below we will take a look at those alternative ways you can do just that.

Features and Options Available

If you are still finding your feet so to speak in the digital currency environment, then please do read through the following section, for I am going to be enlightening you on just what additional features you should be looking for on offer from a digital currency exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Where to buy

The following features are going to enhance your experience and make life much easier for you if and when you do set about buying and also selling any type of digital currencies, and as such look out for them on offer at any exchanges you are comparing.

Low Fees

Low FeesOne thing you are never going to escape from, no matter which digital currency exchange you do make use of are processing fees, and those fees can and do vary from exchange to exchange.

Things to keep in mind in regards to just how much you are going to be charged when buying and selling include the method you are choosing to pay for your order, the quantity of your order and also just which currency exchange you choose to make use of the services at.

Payment Options

Payment OptionsThe best digital currency exchanges that you can make use of are always going be the ones that will allow you to pay for your order of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency by a method of your own choosing.

Some exchanges only allow you to buy digital currencies using a debit or credit card whilst many others will let you use a web wallet such as PayPal, in fact quite a number of digital exchanges will also let you buy one digital currency when using another digital currency.

With that in mind always do make sure you check to see just how diverse the range of payment methods on offer to you are, and that the exchange you are thinking of using offers a payment method you want to use.

Mobile Apps

Mobile AppsWhilst most digital currency exchanges are going to offer you a web based platform, you will also find plenty of them that also let you buy and also sell digital currencies using a mobile app.

Just make sure that you are not being forced to pay any additional fees simply for the convenience of being able to buy your chosen cryptocurrency on a mobile device as opposed to buying them online!

Customer Support

Customer SupportThere can be and is a whole world of difference in regards to the support services offered to customers of some digital currency exchanges, and as such you would be best advised to stick to using an exchange that offers an around the clock customer support service.

However, having said that many exchanges are very easy to use and are of course fully automated and as such you will probably never experience any types of problems when using most of them so you will never need to get in touch with a customer support agent.

But it is of course always good to know they are always on hand if you do find an exchange offering an around the clock customer support service.

Fast Settlements

Fast SettlementsWhen you buy or sell Bitcoin or any other digital currency you will never want to experience any long and drawn out delays in regards to when your order to buy or sell is going to be processed.

Some exchanges have a bad reputation in regards to the amount of time they take to process their customers orders to sell some digital currencies, and that could see those customers ending up getting a much lower price for their digital currencies due to that delay.

So make sure right at the top of your checklist of wants and demands you make sure the digital exchange you end up using is one that does always guarantee fast settlements at all times.

Language Settings

Language SettingsOne final thing that may make using a digital currency exchange hassle free is if you can set the exchange to operate in your own home language. The very best run and operated digital currency exchanges will always give their customers plenty of choice in regards to the language options available to them.

The Most Established Digital Currency Exchanges

Never waste your time and effort and ultimately your money when choosing just which digital currency exchange to sign up to and start using, for you need to utilize the best run and operated ones at all times as that way you will be assured of the highest standards and a completely hassle free experience too.

With that in mind below you are going to find an overview of some of the most popular digital currency exchanges, all of them have been established for quite some time and all of them have glowing reports from their customers too.

It is however worth me pointing out that each digital currency exchange you will find listed below does offer a range of additional and sometimes exclusive services and features on their exchanges, and with that in mind I would advise you to read through the much more in-depth reviews I have compiled on each of them.

That way you are then always going to be able to make a well balanced decision in regards to just which ones to make use of, and will also find out just what else each of them are going to be offering you too, irrespective of whether you wish to buy or sell any digital currency.


CoinbaseIt is often the very first digital currency exchange that people come across, and it is often the one that they remain loyal too, and that speaks volumes for the service offered to customers of the Coinbase exchange.

Make no mistake about it if you do want to find a very easy to use yet highly secure way of buying and selling digital currencies whenever you want to you are not going to go far wrong at this one


BittrexAnother popular digital currency exchange that will give you plenty of options in regards to just which digital currencies you can buy and sell is Bittrex.

Much like all other digital currency exchanges you are going to have to pay fees and charges to use their service. However, those fees and charges are not as high as at some other exchanges. Do take a look at my review of Bittrex as by doing so you will get a complete and comprehensive overview and insight into everything that they do have to offer you.


PoloniexThere are often going to be a huge list of wants and demands you will compile when you are looking for a digital currency exchange, and another one that I am always more than happy to showcase to anyone seeking a way of buying and selling digital currencies in an effortless type of way is Poloniex.

It is all down to what you are looking for when buying and selling that will ultimately help you decide which ones to make use of, but there is a lot on offer at Poloniex as you will find out if you do checking my support review of that exchange.


BinanceIt may be last on the list of top rated digital currency exchanges, but that doesn’t mean that Binance is not going to be worth taking a much closer look at or it is any the less just as good an exchange as those others listed above!

You will find the way in which you can and do buy and sell digital currencies on their exchange has been completely streamlined and as such you are not going to have to master any special skills if you do decide to give them a try, and you will also find they do have plenty of help resources on their website if you are new to the world of buying and selling digital currencies too.

I do keep the website fully updated with reviews of any other digital currency exchanges that I feel are of the quality demanded by today’s digital currency users, and as such please do have a good look around this website as you may find a range of other reviews could be now available in addition to those listed above.

Alternatives to Digital Currency Exchanges

One thing that may just put you off buying a digital or cryptocurrency is the price you have to pay. Take for example Bitcoin, whilst  it was very low in price when it first launched since then its value has sky rocketed and one single unit of Bitcoin is very expensive and out of the reach of many people.

Keep in mind though that Bitcoin in particular is a digital currency that is available in units of one single Bitcoin, so you are not going to have to buy a whole one if you budget does not allow you to do so!

However, if you have been put off investing in digital currencies of any type due solely to the cost of buying and then selling them there is an alternative way that you can readily make use of to profit from the value of any digital currencies but without any large initial outlay.

That is by you signing up to something known as a Forex Broker, and by doing so you do not even have to buy, hold onto and then sell any quantity of Bitcoin to profit from its value, and you can also profit when the value of Bitcoin or for that matter any digital currency falls in value too!

What a Forex Broker offers is a way of betting on the value of any digital or fiat currency. What you simple need to do is to select one currency that you wish to pair up with your chosen digital or fiat currency and then hope that the value of the one you want to rise or eve fall does exactly that in regards to its value of the other currency you have chosen.

You will also be able to select the period of time you wish to have those fiat or digital currency pairing trades live for, and if the way you predicted the currency values to move is the one that does occur at the exact point in time your trading period ends, then you are a winner.

The payout you are going to receive however it dictated by the Forex Broker, and you are offered at the time of placing your trade o a payout which is presented as a percentage of your initial stake.

The only negative aspect of placing a digital or fiat currency pairing trade is that if your prediction is not correct then you lose the entire value of the trade you placed, so in effect it is a very simple and very easy to understand win or lose type of trade you can place.

Below are three of the leading Forex Brokers that are going to allow you to place digital currency and/or fiat currency trades.

Keep in mind I have compiled some very in-depth and some very informative reviews on each of them, so if you are interested in finding out what they have individually got to offer you then please do checkout those reviews for more details.


eToroBy making use of the eToro trading platform you are going to be able to place trades as to whether Bitcoin will rise or fall over any given period of time. The digital trading platform is open 24 hours a day so not matter when you wish to place a trade you are always going to be able to do so and can place a trade of any value too.

IQ Option

IQ OptionYou are certainly going to find the service offered by IQ Option appealing if you do want to place trades on the values of cryptocurrencies. I can say that with complete confidence for you are now able to place trades on twelve different crypto and digital currencies which is going to ensure you will always find a trade you want to place.


24OptionAlso do please make sure that you checkout my review of 24Option, for by doing so you will find they are another highly respected Forex and digital currency Broker and one that is famed for offering not only standard currency paring trading opportunities but several quite unique ones too, so they are certainly worth taking a closer look at.

Digital Currency Exchange Questions and Answers

Let me now move onto probably one section of this guide that you will probably find of great interest, if you have not yet started buying and selling digital currencies, but are quite interested and eager to go about doing so!

Below I have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions related to buy and selling cryptocurrencies at both online and mobile digital currency exchanges and have answered each of those questions below for you also.

How do I pay for digital currencies?

Is there a limit of how much Bitcoin I can buy?

How will I know the price I will pay for digital currencies?

Where will I store my Bitcoin and other digital currencies?

Can I buy goods with a digital currency wallet?

When is the best time to buy or sell digital currencies?

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