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Pros & Cons

  • Easy to Buy and Sell
  • Lots of Storage Options
  • Alternative to Bitcoin
  • Multiple Exchanges Sell It
  • Not Currently Expensive
  • High Exchange Fees
  • Not as Popular as Bitcoin
  • Limited Retailers Accept It
  • Two Ticket Symbols
  • Still Growing in Popularity



  • Anonymous Transactions
  • Trusted Internationally
  • Rapidly Processed Payments
  • Trade BitcoinCash Futures
  • Offline Storage Options

More Info

Main Purpose of the coin
Peer to Peer Instant Payment System
Current Price
Max Supply
16,921,700 (BCH)

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I know many people are currently on the lookout for a range of different investment opportunities in regards to digital currencies, rather than simply using them for their intended purpose, that being to move money around the web with low transaction fees and charges.

In fact, the Bitcoin community soon realised that people did either want to use digital currencies either as an investment opportunity or as a way of making rapid anonymous payments and that is the one main reason why Bitcoin Cash was launched.

Unlike all of the other 1400+ digital currencies Bitcoin Cash is in fact a direct fork of Bitcoin, and it became available back in 2017 on August the 1st. That fork saw a brand new blockchain being created which had the desired effect of allowing the number of transactions the ledger can process and handle being massively increased.

For those of you who understand the technicalities of blockchain, the new blockchain that Bitcoin Cash can now process is eight megabytes.

As such if you are interested in using a digital currency, and Bitcoin is one that is of interest to you but you feel that Bitcoin is an expensive option to use, please do read through the following review of Bitcoin Cash as it may just be the perfect alternative.

Many digital currency exchanges embraced Bitcoin Cash and as such you are not going to experience any problems being able to buy and sell it, but one thing you are going to have to get is a digital wallet that has been configured for Bitcoin Cash.

In regards to the ticker symbol or Bitcoin Cash that is BCH, however a couple of digital currency exchanges use the ticker symbols BCC instead, so please do be aware of that fact!

As of the time of compiling this review of Bitcoin Cash it was the fourth biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, which is proof in its own right that many people have also embraced it is a cryptocurrency.

How You Can Buy Units of Bitcoin Cash

As long as you have a means to pay for your Bitcoin Cash then you certainly are not going to have any problems finding a digital currency exchange at which to buy any units of that digital currency, for there are no end of exchanges that offer it to their customers.

You will however need to get a digital wallet as that is how you get sent any quantity of Bitcoin Cash you purchase from a digital exchange. However, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that each digital exchange that does sell Bitcoin Cash is going to have plenty of fees and charges depending on how you choose to pay for your order and how much Bitcoin Cash you decide to purchase!

There are some digital currency exchanges that have proven to be much more popular than other ones in regards to where people tend to turn when they wish to buy Bitcoin Cash, and below I am going to be giving you an insight into which digital currencies they are, so please do read on and always be prepared to compare not only the spot price of Bitcoin Cash they are offering but also take into account their respective fees and charges too.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Where to Buy Bitcoin Cash

What is a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

You will need to get a Bitcoin Cash digital wallet if you intend to buy or sell that digital currency, and you will be pleased to learn getting one is not going to be time consuming or confusing, and you can download them onto any mobile device or any computer you wish to use.

Once that Bitcoin Cash digital wallet has been downloaded onto your chosen mobile or computer you are then going to be able to use it to perform Bitcoin Cash transactions.

Each digital wallet has its own unique digital address which is how a digital currency exchange is going to know where to send any units of any digital currency you have ordered.

There is of course a requirement for you to also find a digital currency exchange at which to both buy and/or sell Bitcoin Cash, and in the following sections I am going to be giving you an insight into the ones that are used by large numbers of people.

So they should be the one you are never going to experience any problems buying or selling Bitcoin Cash at, but fees and charges will apply depending on just which ones you choose to make use of!

Bitcoin Cash Exchanges

Bitcoin Cash can be purchased from several different exchanges, and by using lots of different currencies and payment methods too, the one that do process the very highest volumes of them is HitBTC who on an average day processes BCH/BTC pairings of around $136,286,000 in value.

The OKEx exchange processes BCH/BTC exchanges of on average $54,942,200 over a 24 hour period and the Bitfinex                exchange offers BCH/USD transactions, and when I checked over a 24 hour period they had processed a huge $47,323,800 worth of such transactions.

You will also find that the OKEx exchange offers BCH/USDT exchanges and on a typical day they will process around $43,236,400 of such transactions, so they do have a lot of fluidity on their exchanges.

Consider using the Bithumb exchange if you want to perform any BCH/KRW exchanges for in a typical 24 hour period they handle on average $36,028,400 of those transactions.

Make sure that you also checkout the Huobi exchange if you want to perform a BCH/USDT exchange for they do handle a lot of those types of exchanges very seamlessly, and on average over a 24 hour period they had processed $32,148,600 of such transactions when I recently checked them out.

Where to Buy or Sell Bitcoin Cash Using a PayPal Wallet

Bitcoin Cash users are not going to be able to use PayPal at any Bitcoin Cash digital currency exchanges to either pay for any unit of Bitcoin Cash or as a payout method when they are selling Bitcoin Cash at any digital currency exchange either.

The reason why you cannot buy Bitcoin Cash at digital currency exchanges is that PayPal offers the option of charging back any payments make to pay for goods, and as such it is possible for the buyer of Bitcoin Cash at a digital currency exchange to charge back their payment, even if they have been sent out their Bitcoin Cash!

If you have no other option but to use PayPal as a way of buying Bitcoin Cash or getting paid for selling any holdings of Bitcoin Cash you wish to sell there is a way you can do so, but that will entail you doing a direct transfer to someone you know and trust who has Bitcoin Cash for sale or who wishes to buy your Bitcoin Cash and pay you using PayPal.

You could also use the services of a company such as Local Bitcoin as by doing so they will link you up with someone nearby where you live who wishes to buy or sell Bitcoin Cash and you simply transfer your Bitcoin Cash to their digital wallet or they will transfer them to you and you can pay them or they will pay you by using PayPal.

That company does allow people to rate their users and as such you will be able to decide for yourself whether the person you wish to make a transaction with is going to be reliable and trustworthy, but just keep in mind that you do have to take all necessary steps when you want to buy or sell Bitcoin Cash using PayPal as there could be a chance that the person you do a transaction with could perform a charge back.

Bitcoin Cash Gambling Sites

As you will discover when you start using Bitcoin Cash, there are going to be lots of different retail outlets online available to you at which you are going to be able to use that cryptocurrency, however if you enjoy gambling you may just be wondering if there are any benefits of using it as a payment option and also are there any gambling sites that accept Bitcoin Cash too!

If so then I am happy to let you know I have found a small but growing number of gambling sites that are going to allow you to make a deposit into your gambling site accounts using Bitcoin Cash.

You are not faced with having to jump through hoops to make such a deposit for you simply use your digital wallet as you would when paying for goods and services with Bitcoin Cash, and as such your deposits are going to appear in your gambling site accounts in real time and in a very cost effective way too.

You could also be wondering if there are going to be any promotional offers and bonuses available to you if and when you do choose to use your Bitcoin Cash wallet as a gambling site account deposit option, and the simple answer to that question is yes, and there will be plenty of them available too.

The one problem that some gamblers living in certain countries of always have to experience when gambling online is that it can take an absolute age for them to receive their inning payouts, however as Bitcoin Cash does offer rapid payments, then look out for a gambling site that offers instant payments back to digital wallets.

By doing so you are always then going to receive your entire withdrawals paid back out to you rapidly and never with any long delays!


The long term future of Bitcoin Cash does, it has to be said looks rosy! Due to the fact it is an offshoot of Bitcoin and has already proven to be a digital currency that people are prepared to use and the speed at which transactions are processed and settled it has proven to be reliable one.

You may be wondering if it is going to be worth investing and buying into Bitcoin Cash to take advantage of any increase in value it is going to experience, and that decision is one that you are going to have to make.

But I would advise you to consider holding units of several different digital currencies rather than just buying into one of them, for at the very least that way you will be spreading the risk around.

You will however find that the price of Bitcoin Cash is going to be volatile at times, and that is something any investor in digital currencies is going to get used to, but I do feel there is money to be made with it if you are looking for a digital currency to buy into but one that isn’t as expensive to buy as Bitcoin.

There are always going to be risks no matter which digital currencies you design to invest in and I am not only talking about the value of them.

You should therefore do some research into the best ways that you can store your Bitcoin Cash so that it is at all times protected, and the best way I would advise you to store your holding of Bitcoin Cash is offline rather than leaving it laying around in a detail wallet for example, so please do ensure you treat all of your digital currencies as you would wish fiat currency banknotes for you may just lose them!