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  • Advanced MT4 Platform
  • 12 Language Options
  • AstroPay Deposits Option
  • Sponsor of Juventus
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Limited Cryptocurrency Pairings
  • Some payment methods processed slowly
  • Platform takes a little time to master


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You may be looking for a way to invest in the value of digital currencies such as Bitcoin but without having to go to the expense of buying that digital currency.

Keep in mind that when you do buy any digital currency you are going to be required to pay fees and charges imposed on you by the digital exchange you have chosen to make use of, and you will also have to pay fees and charges when selling digital currencies too.

If buying, holding onto and then selling Bitcoin at just the right time to lock in a profit sounds rather complicated or time consuming, then there is another way that you can profit from the rise or fall of the value of Bitcoin, without having to pay a fortune for a holding of Bitcoin!

That way is by making use of the Forex trading platform on offer over at 24Option. They are a long established Forex Broker, who is going to offer you a range of different services to allow you to pair up any two currencies, one of which could be Bitcoin and then profit from the movements in those two currencies in a very easy way.

When you do make use of the Forex trading platform at 24Option, which by the way really is an absolute breeze to use, all that you are doing is placing a wager as to whether one currency is going to rise or fall in value against another currency, over any specific and chosen period of time.

If the currency you have chosen for your currency pairing does increase or decrease in value as you predicted then that wager you have placed is a winning one and you will be paid out your profit accordingly, however if your prediction is not correct then you will simply lose that wager.

Whilst you may not be attracted to this way of trading the value of fiat and digital currencies such as Bitcoin, many people do enjoy the ease at which they can place their trades, and if they have the skill and ability to correctly predict the movement in value of any currency against any other then there are some huge profits to be made by doing so.

What I have therefore done below, if you have not yet ever come across a Forex Broker, is to give you a full insight into many different options that will become available to you and are on offer to you when you sign up and start trading currencies at 24Option.

The actual value of the trades you place is of course up to you at all times, so you are not going to have to set aside a huge trading budget if this is a trading environment you are interested in, in fact even when you are placing trades of a nominal value, there is still the chance you could end up with some huge profits.

With the value of some digital currencies, with Bitcoin being at the top of the list, being as high as they currently are, buying Bitcoin is now sadly out of the reach of many people, and that is one of the main reasons why Forex Brokers such as 24Option are as popular as they currently are.

Much like any type of investment however, there are always going to be risks associated with trading currencies, including both digital and fiat currencies but as long as you are prepared to accept those risks and can afford to trade currencies you will find it can be a quite exciting environment.

You are not going to have to develop any special knowledge in regards to the way the trading platform works over at 24Option for it has been designed to be as easy to use as possible so you are soon going to get the hang of using it.

However, it should be noted that it is also a very advanced trading platform too that has lots of additional built-in features that are worth learning about if you are looking for some rather unique and exclusive trading opportunities no matter what digital or fiat currencies you wish to trade against each other.

Detailed Information about 24Option

One thing you are going to find as you look around in search of somewhere to place all of your currency related trades is that there are no shortages of Brokers available to you, in fact you may be getting confused or overwhelmed with the sheer number of them available online.

Let me take away some of the stress of choosing just which one you should sign up to, by giving you a step by step type of review below that is going to reveal to you everything that 24Option is going to be offering you when you sign up and become a client of theirs.

24Option Fees

One of the major benefits of becoming a Forex trader at 24Option is that you are not going to be hit with all of the many fees and charges you do have to pay when you use the services of a digital currency exchange.

There are no fees to pay in regards to depositing money into your trading account, and the only charge you will have to pay when placing any type of trade at 24Option is the value of your trade itself and nothing added on top. There will be a reduced payout through if you take advantage of the early expiry option available on some of the trading opportunities.

Withdrawals from 24Option

Currently you are going to find 23 different ways that you can make a deposit into your 24Option trading account and they have an equally large number of different withdrawal options too.

If you do wish to benefit from rapid winning payouts then I would urge you to consider using  debit card or even one of their web wallet withdrawal methods, as that way your funds can be sent very quickly back to the bank account linked up to your debit card or can be sent back to your chosen web wallet.

To ensure that 24Option comply with their trading licenses they are required by law to verify the identities of everyone who is one of their customers, and as such you may at some point be required to send into them copies of your identification documents to prove your age, identity and your address.

Once your Forex trading account has been fully verified then you will have all deposit and withdrawal restrictions lifted and you will of course be able to benefit from fast payouts too. The verification process is a one off procedure and has been streamlined, so getting your account fully verified will not take very long to do.

Customer Support Details

You have three different ways that you can contact the support team at 24Option and they include using their online contact form, instant chat or sending them an email. Obviously the instant chat service is the most convenient method that most of their customers prefer using.


Keep in mind that there is nothing complicated what so ever in regards to signing up to and starting to use the trading services on offer at 24Option, and I doubt you are ever going to experience any problems pairing up any two fiat or digital currencies you do fancy trading against each other.

You may not be 100% well versed in the benefits of trading Forex at a Forex Brokers, and if so then you should take a look at the many additional guides located through this website to help you get your head around how you can trade Forex and digital currencies easily online.

However, once you are good and ready to start doing so you are going to enjoy your trading experience at 24Option, and keep in mind they are one of the leading Forex Brokers and one you can trust too.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may now be good and ready to sign up to and start using the services that are on offer to you by 24Option, however if you still have a couple of questions then below I will be answering some of the most commonly asked questions about 24Option.

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