Bitcoin Limits – Limitations On BTC Purchases at Digital Exchanges

Are There Limits on Buying Bitcoin?Crypto currency exchanges may impose limits on the volume of order being placed at any given time. Since most people will not have the financial back up to purchase huge quantities, there won’t be any issue while placing orders.

However, if you intend to place large orders, then it would be better to open accounts in multiple exchanges in order to buy large quantities of crypto currencies, including Bitcoin.

Many people hate the fees and excessive charges incurred while using different exchanges. Further, many people would prefer to do transactions with other users of Bitcoin they know and trust, as fees can be avoided completely.

Purchasing Bitcoin

By this time, you would have probably made up your mind as to whether you should buy Bitcoin or not, and if you do want to buy some, then you will probably need to act quickly, as the price of Bitcoin is expected to move upwards for quite some time.

Having said that, I need to add that some people are regretting after buying Bitcoin. That was probably due to buying near the recent peak. Such incidents would regularly happen in financial markets.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Where to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchange Limits

Be aware that you will always face some kind of limits while purchasing Bitcoin, irrespective of the nature of payment method you use.

There will be often very strict payout limits, if you choose to pay for your Bitcoin order with a debit or credit card. But when you use other digital currency to buy Bitcoin, then you may not be subject to the same purchasing limits.

Still, there will always be fees and charges associated with the transaction, no matter which exchange you use to buy Bitcoin from.

Expected Payout Times

When selling Bitcoin for a digital currency exchange, you may have to wait for several days for the payment to reach your bank account. If you wish to  receive cash quickly, then it would be better for you to use a crypto currency debit card.

Bulk Buy Discounts

Another thing worth knowing is that if you are planning to place a large order for the purchase or sale of Bitcoin, then you may benefit from a discount in regards to the fee and charges you will have to pay upon execution of the order.

So, if you are thinking of buying a lot of Bitcoin, then hunt for an exchange that will reduce the fees and charges for bulk orders.


A Bitcoin user will not face any restrictions other than the one imposed by crypto currency exchanges.

If you are averse to risk, then it is better to avoid investing in Bitcoin as high volatility may cause too much stress. However, if you want to use Bitcoin for commercial transactions, then it can be done easily without any hurdles. A digital wallet loaded with Bitcoins is all you require.

But make sure that you use a crypto currency exchange that charges nominal fees and offer professional services while buying or selling crypto currencies. The charges may add up to a considerable amount in the long run and eat into your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of people investing and using Bitcoin is rising. Thus, if you want to start using Bitcoin, butt have few doubts about it, then read on as there is a very good chance those questions you have would have been answered somewhere below.

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