Bitcoin ATM’s – What Are Bitcoin ATM’s, Are They Legal?

The list of questions you may have about Bitcoin can be endless. However, I have compiled many guides in this website, and it will allow you to find the answer to every single Bitcoin related question you may have.

One thing you are going to discover when you start using Bitcoin are ATMs. There is a sharp increase in the number of Bitcoin ATMs that were installed at different locations across the world.

If you wish to use a Bitcoin ATM, you have to carry your Bitcoin wallet with you. The best way to store your digital wallet is on your mobile phone. Simply follow the on-screen instructions on the ATM to sell Bitcoin.

You can also buy Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM. Again, you need to follow the on-screen commands and prompts to buy any quantity of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Where to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATM’s

They are found everywhere these days. It is a reliable way to buy and sell Bitcoin on the spot and for cash. Some Bitcoin ATMs did crash when the price of Bitcoin massively jumped in value recently. You will find Bitcoin ATMs to be very convenient and reliable to use too.

In fact, more and more people are now using Bitcoin as a safe alternative to carry money with them when they are going aboard. As long as they have Bitcoin Wallet on their mobile phone and have access to a Bitcoin ATM, they will be able to cash out in local currency.

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Take Your Mobile Device

You need to have your digital wallet stored onto your mobile device if you wish to use a Bitcoin ATM, as the transactions can be processed on the spot.  You will however find a complete set of instructions to use the ATM, on the actual screen. Thus, you will not experience any problems when using a Bitcoin ATM.

Buying Bitcoin in Cash

Probably the main reason for using a Bitcoin ATM will be the ease of transaction. You will be able to buy Bitcoin on the spot, with cash, as you simply need to feed the banknotes into the ATM.

Keep in mind that the local currency of the country you are in will be dispensed from the Bitcoin ATM.  That may come handy when you are abroad.  You will not be forced exchange your home currency into another one and be at the mercy of currency exchangers.


I would always encourage you to become fully aware of the fees charged while buying or selling a Bitcoin. There are no limitations with regard to the fees that can be levied. It may be convenient for you to use a Bitcoin ATM, but the fees associated with using such a machine could be very high. That is applicable to some of the crypto currency exchanges as well.

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Further Information

Whilst Bitcoin ATM’s are interesting and should be easy to access and use as their numbers are increasing quite notably in places all over the world there is much more to Bitcoin and digital currencies in general than just being able to buy and sell them very quickly.

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