Bitcoin Legal Uses – Purchasing Goods & Services With Bitcoins

The sky is the limit in regards to what you can use Bitcoin for.

Similar to fiat currencies, which you use for shopping, Bitcoin can be used in several online sites and shopping venues to buy all kinds of goods.

You can also use Bitcoin to pay for different services. It is needless to say that Bitcoin can be used as a form of investment.

Some people would also like to use Bitcoin as the payment method while gambling online, as credit and debit cards may not be an acceptable choice to everyone.

To start using Bitcoin, you should sign up with sites offering free digital wallet, which will allow you to store Bitcoin. With Bitcoins in a digital wallet, you will be able to transact easily. So, you will have no issues in spending Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Where to Buy Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin

Sadly, only the misuse of Bitcoin is highlighted by the media. So, expect to find a lot of stories relating to the misuse of that digital currency, such as people using Bitcoin to launder money or buy and sell drugs using it.

Always remember that there are going to be a lots of things you can buy with Bitcoin, from different places, and there are also going to be lots of companies and businesses offering you goods and services in return for Bitcoin.

Buy Goods with Bitcoin

If you wish to buy goods with Bitcoin, then you will need the seller’s wallet address to send the payment. Once the seller receives payment, the goods will be parcelled to you.

Paying for Services with Bitcoin

Again, in this case, you should know the wallet address of the service provider. Only then, you will be able to send the payment, in return for the services.

Investing in Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin involves risks as the value of Bitcoin is subject to high volatility.  So, buying or selling Bitcoin at the right time is a must for successful investing.


I do know that many people who stayed away from investing in Bitcoin after reading the write up of experts claiming Bitcoin is not a true investment and will surely blow up some day.

Before saying no to Bitcoin, it will be better to have a look at people who have made a fortune by investing in Bitcoin. The irony is that some countries are trying to legalize it, which some countries have announced a blanket ban. Notably, several countries are planning to tax crypto currency traders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you read about something new, it is natural to have doubts. The below Q&A section was created to clear your doubts on Bitcoin.

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