Infographic on Most Popular Sports Bets and Wagers

February 28, 2022 by David Nugent

Betting in sporting events is hugely popular, but out of the 100’s of different types of bets you can place there are 10 that sports bettors place more than any other.

Infographic on The Most Placed Sports and Wagers

Outright Win Bet

The most popular bet of all is an outright winner bet which will see you picking who you think will win any type of sporting event.

Each-Way Bet

Two bets and placed in an each-way bet, the first bet covers your selection to win and the other cover it finishing in one of the placed positions too.

Exacta Bet

When placing an Exacta bet you have to pick the first to finish a race and the second placed finisher too in the correct order.

Tricast Bet

A Tricast bet will see you having to pick the first, second and third placed finishers in any type of race.

Parlay Bet

A Parlay bet lets you select several sporting events and pick the outcome of each, if each outcome you pick is correct the winnings and stakes roll over to the next bet in sequence.

  • All Bets Must Win
  • One loser and the bet loses
  • Huge potential winnings

Handicap Bet

Betting on a Handicap market will see the bookmaker giving the underdog in a soccer match for example one or more goals start and that balances the betting odds.

  • Increases the favourite’s odds
  • Well balanced betting market
  • Low pay-out out though

Soccer Coupon Bet

Lots of soccer coupon bets are available and you can pick lots of teams to win, score, lose or even draw, and all teams are linked together in a single bet.

  • Pick the winner
  • Both teams to score
  • Each team to draw

Under/Over Bet

In an under/over betting market you must decide if the total of goals in for example a soccer match will be over or under the figure chosen by the betting site.

  • Under/Over 1.5
  • Under/Over 2.5
  • Under/Over 3.5
  • Prop Bet

    A Prop bet will see you having to guess something will happen during a sporting event.

  • First player to score
  • Time of first goal
  • Time of first touchdown
  • Last goal scorer
  • Team to win the toss
  • Full Cover Bets

    When you want to perm several betting opportunities together in one single bet they are know as full cover bets.

  • Trixie – 3 Selections
  • Yankee – 4 Selections
  • Super 5 – Selections
  • Lucky 15 – 6 Selections
  • Lucky 31 – 5 Selections
  • Lucky 63 – 6 Selections
  • Heinz – 6 Selections
  • Super Heinz – 7 Selections
  • Goliath – 8 Selections
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