So, let’s not waste any of our precious time, and let’s jump right in!

As previously stated, many offshore DFS betting sites are happy to accept Singaporeans. Naturally, not all of them are good, which is why my team and I have made sure to do thorough research.

We’ve ended up finding a couple of sites we firmly believe are the best for our Singaporean audience.

Here is the list:

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Singapore Online DFS Betting SitesSingapore is practically a city-state — a very modern and rich one to boot — so it’s not surprising that the country has regulated most gambling forms.

There are several land-based casinos and a handful of state-sponsored online gambling sites. Unfortunately, all forms of online gambling that aren’t registered are forbidden, thanks to the Remote Gambling Act of 2014.

Even though DFS is often excluded from similar online gambling laws, this is not the case with Singapore. The Remote Gambling Act of 2014 doesn’t specifically mention daily fantasy sports, but it’s assumed that it covers them as well, since the law governs all forms of online gambling in general.

In addition, according to Singapore’s penal laws, anyone involved in gambling can be punished with:

  • Fines (up to $5,000)
  • Jail time (up to 6 months)

It doesn’t matter if the person organizes gambling activities or partakes in them, as both are punished.

It’s important to mention that people can still access offshore DFS betting sites, as many such sites accept players from Singapore. However, we cannot safely advise you to do so as there have been instances when players were fined or imprisoned for this kind of gambling activity.

The government in Singapore doesn’t often turn a blind eye to these activities, which is why it’s better for you to consult a lawyer first, to check whether it’s safe for you to join offshore DFS betting sites.

How We Chose the Best DFS Sites in Singapore

Choosing the best DFS sites in Singapore wasn’t an easy feat, as there were so many things we had to consider.

We focused on many features and aspects of DFS betting sites to determine how good they actually are. Afterward, we had to compile a big list of a wide range of DFS betting sites.

We always follow this procedure as we’ve found that the more detailed we are in our research, the happier our readers are when they receive the best possible gambling experience.

Main Features of DFS Sites We Look Into

Things We Look For While Review a Site IconBesides safety and legality, there are many other features we have to check to make sure that the sites we’ve chosen are the best solutions for our Singaporean readers. Here’s what we check for:

  • Sizeable selection of daily fantasy sports
  • Great and highly functional betting platform
  • Superb user experience and site design
  • Rewarding bonuses and promotions
  • Great customer service
  • Diverse selection of locally popular payment options

DFS Industry in Singapore

If you’ve read this piece from the beginning, you can probably guess the state of the DFS betting market in Singapore. It practically doesn’t exist since Singapore is quite strict with online gambling.

However, some Singaporeans gamble on offshore websites, so it is possible to do so. But like we’ve already said — you’ll have to check with a lawyer if this is a safe activity for you to do.

Mobile DFS Betting in Singapore

Mobile DFS Sites
The players who gamble in Singapore love to do it on the go, using their phones.

Almost every Singaporean has a smartphone, which is why we’ve made sure to choose only those sites that have mobile-friendly platforms.

You can use any of the sites we’ve recommended via any modern iOS or Android device.

Popular Payment Methods in Singapore

Payment Options
As Singapore is a very modern country, a wide variety of payment methods are used. This includes credit cards, e-wallets such as PayPal, and numerous modern payment methods like cryptocurrency.

However, due to the legal situation with online gambling, it’s best to use e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, as they can guarantee anonymity and safety.

Also, it’s worth noting that all payments need to be made in foreign currencies, as no DFS betting site accepts the Singapore dollar.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling
Gambling can be addictive, so if you think you might be having problems with gambling, you have to stop and seek assistance. Check these sites for help:

Final Thoughts

Just like all other online gambling forms, DFS betting sites is available to Singaporean players.

You can use many popular and high-quality sites, but, as online gambling is forbidden in Singapore, you need to check with your lawyer to see if gambling on offshore sites is safe for you.


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