So, if that’s the case, what’s the point of this article? We’ve made it because Egyptian players still have some options online, especially when it comes to DFS betting!

In this piece, we wanted to explain how Egyptian players can still bet on daily fantasy sports and where they can do it. Keep reading to learn what the best DFS sites in Egypt are!

Even though gambling isn’t legal in Egypt, Egyptians can still bet on DFS in offshore sites, which is why we’ve made sure to test all of them and check if they cater to Egyptian players. It wasn’t an easy task, as there are many sites you can use, but we managed to separate the ones that are best for Egyptian players and massive fans of DFS betting.

So, without further ado, here’s our ultimate list of the best DFS sites in Egypt:

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Legal Egyptian Online Daily Fantasy Sports SitesAs Egypt is an Islamic country with Islamic traditions and beliefs, it’s perfectly normal that all forms of gambling are prohibited by law. Only the state lottery is allowed and regulated by the government, while all other forms of gambling are not available. Tourists can still access many land-based casinos that are specifically made for them, but Egyptian citizens aren’t allowed to enter.

Luckily, Egyptians can still access offshore gambling sites, many of which include DFS betting. The government doesn’t have a way to control which sites people from Egypt visit, so players are entirely safe to visit any offshore DFS site. If you’re not sure of how safe this is, you can always use a VPN that will completely mask what you’re doing online, so you’ll be 100% anonymous.

How We Selected the Best DFS Sites in Egypt

RankingAs I’ve stated, it wasn’t easy for our team to find the best DFS sites for Egyptian players, but thanks to our well-developed system, we were able to accomplish this difficult task.

Our process was developed over the years, and all that thanks to our team’s skills and experience. It allows us to thoroughly review every DFS site and pick the ones that are indeed the best for a specific market.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at all the things we did to achieve it.

What We Look For on DFS Websites for Egyptian Players

Things We Look For While Review a Site IconBesides safety and legality, we need to dig deeper to fully ensure that DFS sites offer the best service for our audience. We want the site to have a well-designed platform that’s both intuitive and easy to use and, naturally, it needs to function across different platforms.

It also needs to have great bonuses and promotions available to Egyptian players, and it needs to cover a wide variety of daily fantasy sports.

In the end, it should have a lot of payment methods and a great customer support team that’s responsive and helpful.

DFS Industry in Egypt

As we’ve stated, DFS betting isn’t legal in Egypt, so there’s not much of a DFS industry in the country. Players play DFS on foreign gambling sites. There aren’t many indications that DFS will become legal anytime soon, so the industry is unlikely to change in the future.

Most Popular Daily Fantasy Sports in Egypt

Daily Fantasy SportsEgypt is a big country, with many sports and fantasy sports fans. For that reason, many different fantasy sports are popular among players.

Of course, the most popular is football, and it is also the most popular sport in the country. However, Egyptians love other daily fantasy sports, including basketball, tennis, and many others, but football surpasses most of them.

Mobile DFS Betting in Egypt

Mobile GamblingAs mobile gambling and gaming are big today, we made sure to include only the DFS sites that are available on phones as well. Egyptian players want to bet on their favorite fantasy sports on the go, so it was essential for us to include only the sites that work on both iOS and Android.

All you need is a relatively modern smartphone with a working connection, and you’re set to go!

Popular DFS Payment Methods in Egypt

Payment OptionsMost modern and popular payment options are used in Egypt, and we’ve made sure to factor that into our best DFS sites selection. However, you need to know that most Egypt players avoid credit and debit cards in online gambling sites, as they don’t feel safe and are unsure whether the government will find that out.

Thankfully, there are plenty of e-wallets and crypto payment options available for you to use, all of which are anonymous and safe.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible GamblingConcerning gambling problems and addiction, Egyptian gamblers can’t look for help in institutions in the country, but there are still many international sites they can visit.

We’ve singled out a few sites that are known for helping gamblers all across the globe, including those that hail from the great country of Egypt. Here are the sites you need to know about:

Final Thoughts

Even though all sorts of gambling, including DFS, are illegal in Egypt, we have done our best to bring you the top offshore sites that provide DFS betting to Egyptians. We’ve also made sure to explain how we choose them and everything else you need to know about DFS betting in Egypt.

All that’s left to do is to pick a site and start playing and having fun!

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