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Love IslandBetting on more than just sports events has been possible for a long time. You can pretty much bet on anything nowadays and betting on TV shows takes up a considerable portion of all the bets placed. Even though many people aren’t aware of it, almost all major betting platforms offer a chance to test your luck with soap operas and reality shows, among other things.

One such show is certainly Love Island — one of the major reality TV programs in the UK that has an enormous number of fans. All major sportsbooks offer a variety of betting options to fans and those who want to try something different from sports betting.

This dating reality show aired for the first time in 2005 and ended after its second season in 2006. It was revived in June 2015 and is still going strong today. It involves a group of contestants living together under constant camera surveillance.

Each person involved must be coupled with another person, be it for money, friendship, or love in order to win a prize of £50,000. One contestant is eliminated at the end of each week and the couple with the highest number of votes during the last week takes home the prize money.

Love Island


List of Betting sites accepts player from UK:

Many major betting platforms offer betting on this reality show. This trend has become popular even in the most traditional bookmakers so you will surely find great odds on their platforms.

If you want to bet on Love Island but aren’t sure which platform to use, check out our list below. We’ve done our research and comprised the list specifically for those who love the show and want to make it even more exciting by placing bets.

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Available Love Island Betting Options

There are multiple options you can choose when placing bets. Let’s check out some of the most popular ones:

Love Island Top Man

One of the most popular bets you can make. It lets you predict which man will be the fan favorite.

Love Island Top Woman

Very similar to Love Island Top Man. The only difference is that you are trying to guess who the fan favorite woman will be.

Winning Couple

A common bet in which you try to predict who the winning duo will be.

Elimination Bet

A simple bet in which you try to guess who gets kicked off the show. You can place this bet every week since contestants are eliminated weekly.

Love Island Betting Tips and Strategies

Love Island Betting Tips and Strategies

Betting on Love Island shouldn’t be too tricky. New participants are introduced each season so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting familiar with the show and its contestants.

Still, if you aren’t too familiar with the show and its participants, here are some tips that will help you make good bets.

Start Watching the Show

We understand that this might be a bit obvious but it really can improve your chances of winning significantly.

Try to Notice Patterns

Like in every other reality show, certain patterns appear, which can indicate what will happen next. If you look closely enough, you may be able to catch them and win some easy bets.

Read Popular Magazines

Popular reality shows are often discussed in various magazines. Make sure to read them as that can give you an idea of how people feel about certain characters.

Follow Participants on Social Media

By doing this, you can learn about the participants’ private lives and predict how the public will respond to them. That can drastically increase your chances of winning bets.

Love Island Betting Legality

If you want to place some bets on Love Island, legality isn’t something you should worry about. If placing bets on sports events is legal in your country, betting on Love Island is most certainly legal too.

Like with many other TV shows, betting on Love Island has been possible since it first started airing in 2005. The only thing you should check before placing bets are the betting laws of your local jurisdiction.


Love Island is a show full of intrigue, drama, romance, and youth. It is as exciting to watch as it is to bet on. There are challenges and struggles contestants have to overcome each week in order to get to the next stage and eventually win.

Watching Love Island can be both interesting and lucrative — the show can provide you with an abundance of information you can later use for making smart bets. We strongly suggest that you follow the show if you like placing bets and watching reality TV. Both of these are experiences you surely do not want to miss out on.

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