Kyrgios To Play 2023 French Open As Girlfriend Wants To See France

Updated On Dec 13, 2022 by Landon Wheeler

Costeen Hatzi & Nick KyrgiosSummary

  • Nick Kyrgios has skipped the French Open since 2018
  • Kyrgios has confirmed he will play the French Open in 2023
  • He decided to play as his girlfriend wants to visit France

All of the top tennis players in the world do their best to play all four grand slams each year.

The only reason a top tennis player ends up missing a grand slam tournament is either due to injury or personal reasons like the birth of a child or the death of a loved one.

Kyrgios To Return To Roland-Garros After 6 Years

Aussie bad boy Nick Kyrgios is an exception to that rule as Kyrgios has chosen to deliberately skip playing at Roland Garros. The last time Kyrgios played at the French Open was back in 2017 and since then he has preferred to skip the French Open as he is not very fond of playing on clay court surfaces.

Kyrgios has been very critical in the past claiming that too much of clay court action takes place every year and that’s one reason why there are so many players in the top 100 that Kyrgios claims he will not recognize even if he saw them on the street.

Kyrgios is currently ranked in 22nd place on the ATP rankings has told his fans that he has had a change of heart and will now enter the 2023 French Open that is set to take place from 28 May to 11 June, 2023.

Costeen Hatzi Wants To Visit France

Kyrgios who is known for being controversial did not mince words and said that he would prefer to sit at home than to play at Rolland Garros. He said he decided to enter the 2023 French Open in order to please his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi.

Kyrgios started dating the Instagram influencer from Sydney in December 2021 after his break-up with Chiara Passari, who he faces charges charges of common assault against. He said Costeen has never been to France and so he decided that he would take her on a trip to France and play the French Open at the same time as it will give him another opportunity to make some money while he takes his girlfriend around France.

Kyrgios who does not have a great record on clay said that he was confident that he will get great results on clay and looked forward to showcasing his skills once again at Roland Garros.

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[…] Kyrgios who prefers not play the French Open, recently told media that he will play the 2023 French Open because his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi wants to go to Paris. […]