Missourians Likely To Vote On Lake of the Ozarks Casino In November

Updated On May 7, 2024 by Ella McDonald

Proposed Lake of the Ozarks CasinoSummary:

  • A proposal would open a casino near the Osage River.
  • Four previous attempts to create a casino have failed.
  • Around 173,000 signatures were needed to add the measure to the ballot.

Residents of Missouri may finally get to vote on a casino for the Lake of the Ozarks this fall. The Missouri Secretary of State received over 320,000 signatures from individuals in support of adding the question to the ballot in November.

The state constitution restricts casino gaming to the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, so adding a casino to the Ozarks would require a constitutional change.

If approved, the casino could bring significant economic benefits to the area, including job creation and increased tourism.

Osage River Gaming & Conventions Trying Again

The Osage River Gaming & Conventions group of investors has continually tried to bring a casino to the area. Four past attempts failed to gain ground, with the group now deciding to push the matter via a signature campaign.

The state’s verification process required the group to gather at least 173,000 certified signatures. The group obtained more than 320,000, well over that. Bally’s, a major player in the gaming industry and the group that the investors hope to work with within the state, conducted polling on the matter.

According to poll results, the amendment will have enough support from voters to pass into law. This demonstrates a strong public interest and support for allowing residents to vote on a casino at the Lake of the Ozarks.

More Details on the Plan

The Osage River Gaming & Convention committee provided the signatures on Sunday and, in a press release, added insight into what the casino would include. The group plans to feature a resort that focuses on tourism, with a casino, hotel, and convention center. The property will also offer food and beverage options, plus a spa.

Any state revenues from the casino project will go toward schools in Missouri, emphasizing early childhood literacy programs in public elementary schools. Local revenues will benefit public services, including upgrading utilities and roads.

The Lake of the Ozarks is already a popular tourist destination that is easily becoming a hot spot for many adults and families.

With a casino in the area, the local community would benefit from even more annual travelers.

Visitors come to the Lake to enjoy outdoor activities including boating and fishing. Casino gaming would bring in an entirely different demographic, adding one more way the tourist town can benefit the local community and state with another revenue stream. It will be interesting to see if the vote makes the ballot and if residents will be in favor of a casino or will be against the investors plans.

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