Alabama Gov. Tells Legislators to Approve Gambling Expansion Vote

Updated On May 2, 2024 by Ella McDonald

Kay IveySummary:

  • Governor Kay Ivey shows support for gambling vote legislation.
  • The House has approved the measures.
  • The Senate was one vote short of approval.

In a surprising turn of events, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has spoken out about recent events involving gambling expansion legislation.

The governor is showing her support for a package that includes casinos and the lottery, telling lawmakers they need to let Alabamians have their say on the matter.

This week, the House easily passed legislation involving lottery gaming and casinos for the state. The House has continued to be on board with moving the legislation forward, while the Senate has not. On Tuesday, the Senate discussed and voted on a constitutional amendment change and came up one vote short.

Yesterday, Governor Ivey told reporters that her position has not changed and that it’s time for state voters to have their say. She pointed out that legislators have had their say all along, and now it’s time for voters to do their part. “Let’s get this done”.

Will lawmakers listen or continue to push back on the matter?

One Vote Short

Senator Greg Albritton has previously been in favor of lottery and gambling proposals in the state but decided to vote against the package this week. He feels the restrictions on the Poarch Band of Creek Indians need to change. Two additional senators who voted yes in the past voted no this time around due to electronic gambling.

The constitutional amendment and associated legislation would legalize seven facilities across the state that would feature electronic gaming machines. It would also establish a lottery and require Governor Ivey to enter a compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

To move forward, the constitutional amendment would need to be approved by voters. If the vote can take place, it would occur on August 20, 2024. The Senate must approve the package for the vote to happen.

The Senate is set to discuss the bill today, supposedly, so maybe we will see a vote in approval for the amendment change, which will allow residents to have their say.

Tackling Illegal Gambling

House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter feels that the House and Senate have worked well together to find a compromise regarding illegal gambling. The strong and enforceable laws are clear in the package and will ensure that all proceeds from the lottery will go to education only. The lottery is expected to bring $300 million to the state each year.

If the vote occurs, it will be the first time Alabama voters have been allowed to voice their opinion on the lottery in 25 years.


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