Kansas Senate Proposed New Sports Betting Bill for Ad Prohibition

Updated On Feb 6, 2024 by Ella McDonald


  • The bill seeks to stop the negative impact of gambling promotions.
  • Ads would be banned online and via apps.
  • The goal is to protect minors and gambling addicts.

SB 432 is a new sports betting bill just introduced in Kansas. The measure seeks to prohibit sports betting ads online via websites and mobile applications.

Lawmakers are concerned about the negative impact that gambling promotions have, especially on minors and gambling addicts.

Protecting the Vulnerable Demographics

The co-sponsors of the measure are Senator Cindy Holscher and Senator Virgil Peck. The bipartisan bill focuses on protecting vulnerable people from harm regarding sports betting. This includes minors and those who may have a gambling addiction.

Lawmakers in support of the measure feel that constant exposure to ads connected to sports betting may promote risky behavior. The one-page bill would provide new language regarding an existing law. It focuses on restricting operators on their advertisements and affiliates as they try to gain new customers.

The bill says that new ads for sports betting will be published, broadcast, or presented on a website or other online medium, such as an app. Ads can only be provided to those who have already created an account with a provider. The goal is cut down on the ads that people see who are not participating in online gambling activities.

Major Operators Already Have Marketing Plans for Super Bowl

Even though Kansas lawmakers are pushing the advertising ban, the state’s sports betting operators are proceeding as normal as the Super Bowl approaches. Critics feel that the bill may infringe on free speech rights and individual choice, stating the ads should focus on responsible practices rather than be banned outright.

Operators like BetMGM, DraftKings and FanDuel provide promotions and advertisements as the Super Bowl occurs this Sunday. Individuals can see deals online via websites and mobile devices. Such operators have restrictions to help protect the public, but some lawmakers feel this is not enough.

Supporters of the measure feel that there needs to be a balance between the public welfare and the individual freedom of citizens. The state must safeguard citizens from harm, especially in certain instances such as gambling addiction.

Because the bill is bipartisan in nature, we can expect parties from both sides to help push the measure along for implementation. It is similar to other efforts by lawmakers across the US that are trying to provide some semblance of control and protection against harm from sports betting which launched in 2022 to ensure that minors and gambling addicts do not have access to advertisements that entice them to participate.

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