Australian Rugby Player On Trial For Sexual Assault, Claims It Was Consensual

Updated On Jan 30, 2024 by Landon Wheeler

Kurtley BealeSummary:

  • Kurtley Beale is on trial for sexually assaulting a woman and forcing her to perform oral sex
  • Beale claims that the encounter was entirely consensual
  • A verdict is expected to be reached before the end of Feb

Australian rugby player Kurtley Beale, who is of Aboriginal descent, is facing serious charges after a 28 year old woman who remains unnamed accused him of sexually assaulting her when they met at the Beach Road bar in Bondi.

The incident is said to have taken place on 17 Dec 2022.

What Beale Is Alleged To Have Done

Beale is facing charges in Sydney’s Downing Centre Court and the case is being heard by Judge Graham Turnbull. The woman claims that she and her fiancé were at the bar when they met the Wallabies player Kurtley Beale.


Her version of events claims that before she visited the bar in the evening, she was a friend’s place for lunch where she had a few drinks and did two very small lines of cocaine. She had more drinks at the bar during the evening and spoke to Beale and showed him screenshots of his own wedding via his Instagram pictures and commented on his bestmen.

She claims during the evening she felt his hand on her buttocks for 1.5 seconds and she was completely shocked and said stop it. She would later decide to go to the men’s bathroom since the women’s bathroom had a long queue. She claims the 35 year old Beale followed her inside and sounded desperate to have sex with her.

She turned him down remining him that he was married and she was engaged but he kept pursuing her and eventually walked into the bathroom stall where she was and forced her to have oral sex with her. She said he then turned her around wanting to have intercourse but when she refused him, he told her to “Fuck off“!

Beale Denies All Charges, Claims Consensual

The Australian sports star has denied all of the allegations against him and says a completely different version took place at the bar that night which was entirely consensual.

The Judge has seen a 4.5 minute CCTV video of what happened that night where the victim follows Beale into the bathroom. The case will continue for the next couple of weeks and a decision is expected by the end of Feb.

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