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Strictly Come DancingBetting options have been steadily growing over the years and betting on practically anything is possible nowadays. Although a large portion of traditional bettors isn’t aware of it, betting on TV shows has become huge in recent years, with so many options to choose from.

A show worth checking out and betting on is certainly Strictly Come Dancing. This British show has amassed a huge fan base and is one of the major shows on British television. Therefore, all major bookmakers offer betting on this show, providing a variety of betting options and great odds.

As the name suggests, this is a British dancing show in which professional dancers are coupled with celebrities and are competing in mainly Latin and ballroom dances. The contestants are scored from 1 to 10 by a panel of judges. The show has been running successfully since its first season in 2004. Additionally, it has been very successful abroad, with its format being exported to over 40 countries worldwide.

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The popularity and longevity of this show have created space for placing bets on practically all sportsbook sites, especially the major ones that offer great odds and many betting options. Even the most traditional bookmakers offer various betting choices for fans and those who want to stray away from placing usual bets.

If you’re interested in placing bets on Strictly Come Dancing, check out our carefully comprised list of bookmakers that offer the best odds and options. We hope our list will be helpful to you when it comes to choosing the right platform for your needs!

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Available Love Island Betting Options

If you want to place bets on this show, there is a large pool of options you can choose from. However, some betting choices are more popular than others. Here are some possibilities you can try your luck with.

Top Female Dancer

As the name of the bet suggests, the woman you bet on must either take the first place or second place if the first place is taken by a male contestant.

Top Male Dancer

Quite similar to our first example. The contender you are betting on is male. Everything else remains the same.

Top 3 Finishers

This is a bet that carries a very low risk. All you have to do is pick a contender and hope that they finish the competition in the top three.

Winner’s Gender

This is a simple bet as well. All you have to do is guess the gender of the person who will win the competition.

Strictly Come Dancing Betting Tips and Strategies

Strictly Come Dancing Betting Tips and Strategies

Placing bets on Strictly Come Dancing is quite simple. You just need to choose a bet type and wait for the show to end. However, for those who have not placed such bets before, here are some things to look out for before placing your first bet.

Watch the Show

It’s very important to consistently watch the show. Watching it closely and not missing any episodes will make it a lot easier for you to judge who has the best chances of winning. Additionally, you will be able to see the reactions of both the crowd and judges, which can help you make good betting decisions.

Pay Close Attention to Judges

Judges play a huge role in all shows as their opinions can heavily influence the course of the show. However, public opinion does not always coincide with what judges think and say, so their opinions can sometimes be misleading. Try to figure out which judges are loved by the public and your chances of winning will surely skyrocket.

Follow the Contestants on Social Networks

Following the participants on social media can be very beneficial for your winning chances since you might discover something about their personality or their personal lives that can affect their performance in a certain stage of the show.

Strictly Come Dancing Betting Legality

Gambling online is legal for all residents of the UK over the age of 18. Hence, you have nothing to worry about if you’re interested in betting on Strictly Come Dancing. However, if you come from any other country, you should check out gambling laws and regulations for your place of residence. Make sure gambling is allowed in your country before placing any bets online.


Strictly Come Dancing is a fun and exciting show that offers great betting options to both fans and those who want to take a break from traditional betting. On top of that, the show is filled with professionals and celebrities who will surely amaze you with their skills. The odds you will find are great and with the help of our list and advice, you will surely have plenty of fun predicting who the best dancer will be.

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