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Britain's Got TalentEver since its inception in 2007, Britain’s Got Talent has been occupying the TV charts as one of the most popular talent shows. It regularly attracts millions of viewers, and it is closely followed by fans across the world.

The show features various artists, primarily musicians, but it also includes magicians, comedians, and people with a special and unique set of skills or abilities. They showcase their talents in front of four judges, and the best ones win a cash prize and get a chance at a record deal.

If you follow the show closely and wish to learn more about betting on Britain’s Got Talent, you’ve come to the right place — we will cover everything you need to know about the TV show, teach you where to find the best odds and what types of bets you can place on Britain’s Got Talent.



List of Betting sites accepts player from UK:

If you are passionate about this popular TV show, and you wish to start betting on Britain’s Got Talent and cash in on your knowledge, you can check out the list we’ve prepared for you. Our team of betting experts works around the clock to save you the trouble of looking for legitimate betting sites and introduce you to licensed sportsbooks that have the best odds.

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Available Britain’s Got Talent Betting Options

Britain’s Got Talent is an annual event. Every season there are hundreds of new contestants who join the show and compete to be the best. While the participants often change, bet types usually stay the same.

Some of the more popular methods of betting include handicap and margin bets, but the most popular bet type you will encounter in various sportsbooks is the outright bet where you simply select the winner.

For those who are looking to bet on Britain’s Got Talent, here are just some of the things you can expect to find in popular sportsbooks.


As the name suggests, this type of bet means that you will be betting on the winner of the whole show. Naturally, the earlier you bet in the competition, the better the odds will be.

Winner Without Favorite

Winner Without Favorite type of bet allows you to bet on a skillset or an act rather than a person. For example, you will be betting whether the winning act will be performed by a musician, comedian, dancer, or a magician.

Top 3 Finish

Depending on the sportsbook, the Top 3 Finish type of bet allows you to bet either on the top three contestants or three different acts. Furthermore, some sportsbooks may even offer you a chance to win a lot more if you happen to guess them in correct order.

Golden Buzzer

This type of bet presents you with an opportunity to bet whether there will be a Golden Buzzer or not. A Golden Buzzer sends the participants straight into the finals and lets them skip a few stages of the competition.

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Britain’s Got Talent Betting Tips and Strategies

TV Betting Strategy

Betting on Britain’s Got Talent is extremely straightforward. You pick a favorite, place a bet, and wait for the results. However, if you have never done it before, we’ve prepared a few tips that could increase your chances of winning.

Watch the Show

First things first, you should follow the show closely. The more invested you are, the easier it will be to form an opinion and conclude who has the best chances of winning. Moreover, you will always be able to see the judges’ and the crowd’s reactions and find out what they think about the participants.

Follow the Contestants on Social Media

By following the people participating in the show on social media and learning about them, you may give yourself an advantage over sportsbooks. For example, you could learn if someone’s nervous or feels ill — that can greatly affect their performance.

Study the Judges

At the end of the day, the ones who decide whether a contestant will go through or not are the judges. By learning more about them and discovering if they have a favorite, or what acts they appreciate the most, you can place a smarter bet. Moreover, while participants often change, many judges remain on the show for years, so you can even check out their previous decisions.

Britain’s Got Talent Betting Legality

Online gambling is completely legal if you are a resident of the UK. Therefore, you won’t have to worry one bit when placing bets on Britain’s Got Talent. However, that’s not the case in every other country.

Namely, as we’ve mentioned, Britain’s Got Talent is a globally popular event, so if you are not from the UK but you would still like to bet on Britain’s Got Talent, you should make sure that online betting is legal in your country to avoid any trouble with the law.


Whether you’re a fan of Britain’s Got Talent or merely looking to wager on this talent show, you are undoubtedly in for a treat. Betting on Britain’s Got Talent might not be as popular as betting on popular sports, but with the help of our list that features the best sportsbooks, you are guaranteed to find great odds and have plenty of fun along the way.

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