Tron To Offer Reward For Migrating From Ethereum To Its Mainnet

Updated On May 13, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

TRON (TRX), which is going to migrate to its own mainnet on May 31, has announced that it will announce a reward program for Ethereum developers to migrate from Ethereum dApp projects to TRON.

The seamless migration will be aided by TronVM v. 0.1, which will be launched on May 25. Justin Sun has further stated that this version will be compatible with Ethereum VM.

A series of reward programs has been announced in the past few weeks by the Tron Foundation, as it moves forward with its plan to launch its own mainnet on May 31. Some of the programs announced recently are:

Tron Loan – To show support for the community and expand TRON’s ecosystem, TRON will offer developers USD$100,000 loans that will help resolve the budget shortage and support subsequent R&D and operations. Once eligibility for TRON LOAN is verified, applicants will receive the equivalent of USD$100,000 in digital assets from the TRON Foundation. Within 6-24 hours, the disbursement will be made after a project is chosen for funding.

Tron programming contest – a programming carnival dedicated to global community members and developers, based on the blockchain technology with the key feature of decentralization. Participants are also encouraged to develop third-party apps compatible with Tron’s main net and to contribute to the construction and the flourish of Tron’s ecosystem. First-place prizes will be offered to designers of the five applications like the wallet based on Windows, Mac, iOS/Android platform, wallet embedded with Google Chrome and blockchain explorer. The contest, held between April17 and May 27, carries a prize money of $1 million.

Tron Project Genesis – $2 billion set aside for Tron community programs.

Tron is an ambitious project dedicated to building infrastructure for a truly decentralized internet. The Tron Protocol is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. It offers scalable and high-throughput support that underlies all the decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem.

The TRON Protocol and the TVM allow everyone to develop DApps for themselves or for their communities. Our smart contracts make decentralized crowdfunding and token issuance easier than ever. Tron DAPP projects include Peiwo, Uplive,, Kitty live and Mico, with 100M+ active users from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Some of the features supported by Tron ecosystem are listed below:

  • Decentralized applications – everyone can freely create content, including websites and applications, without relying on centralized services.
  • Blockchain-based smart contracts
  • Issue of digital assets

Currently, transaction platforms that have announced to support migration to mainnet include Bitfinex, Bibox, Bibox, and The team will work with other platforms in order to implement a smooth migration.

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