Self-mining Artemine Launches Genesis Addresses Trading Site

Updated On Jan 31, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

The team behind the development of the first self-mining smart contract Minereum has successfully launched Artemine, another self mining smart contract with plenty of new features. Artemine is regarded as version 2 of Minereum by its developers. In line with the roadmap presented in autumn 2017, Artemine (ARTE) also released the genesis addresses trading website. The platform allows anyone to mine coins automatically without the need of a mining equipment.

In addition of respecting the Self-Mining principle introduced by Minereum, Artemine allows unrestricted access to public mining, safe decentralized trading of Genesis Addresses, Dynamic Genesis Addresses Supply (Generated During ICO) and Transfer of Genesis Addresses. Genesis Addresses are addresses part of the creation of the initial supply of Artemine. These addresses are attributed with a certain amount of coins that will be self-mined for a specific amount of time.

According to the company 2,898 Genesis Addresses were generated during the ICO. Furthermore, the mining rate of Artemine’s Genesis Addresses is 0.000001% of the total amount of ARTE attributed to it per Ethereum block. The coins will be mined for 100,000,000 Ethereum blocks. Considering the fact that it takes 20 seconds to mine a block of Ethereum, the mining duration will be approximately 63 years.

Artemine Genesis Address Holders will be able to transfer their Genesis Addresses holdings to another address by calling the function “TransferGenesis”. However, the target address must have 0 ARTE.

Artemine smart contract function “SetGenesisBuyPrice” allows Genesis holders to set an ETH price to their Address. Interested users will be able to call the function “BuyGenesisAddress” by sending the exact ETH amount the Genesis Address Holder has set as the buy price. The transaction will be completed automatically without involvement of middleman.

The developers are hopeful that once the crypto currency investors realize the benefit of self-mining, the Genesis Address market will command a value of move than $1 billion. Artemine (ARTE) is traded in Livecoin and Etherdelta exchanges.

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