Nexus Partners With SingularityNET To Integrate AI With Block Chain

Updated On Feb 8, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

Sophia with nexus and singularitynet-teamIn December, we had reported that SingularityNET, the creators of Sophia Robot, is planning to launch a block chain based marketplace for artificial intelligence. In early January, we had reported that Nexus, which offers the most advanced and secure block chain technology, has joined hands with Vector to build satellite based block chain network.

Now, Nexus Earth, which is working on “quantum resistant block chain”, has entered into a partnership with SingularityNET to integrate artificial intelligence into their block chain and provide a platform for robots to communicate and execute transactions in a secure manner. The aim is to build a censorship-resistant platform that will be trustworthy, while offering scalability.

In the process of integrating artificial intelligence, Nexus also plans to deploy its 3D Chain architecture, adding a valuable real-world use case. Nexus hopes to complete the project in 2018.

What is 3D Chain (3DC) architecture? The Three Dimensional Chain (3DC) was introduced by Colin Cantrell at the 2017 Nexus Crypto Currency Conference in Aspen, Colorado. The chain has also been referred to as the Multi-Dimensional Chain, or MDC, to reflect future plans to continue evolving the design to include additional dimensions. This new technology has been built from the ground up to improve the basic features offered by Bitcoin, which almost all other digital currencies are based upon. In a 3DC structure, every individual Node does not need to have the entire chain on their system, greatly reducing the bloat all other traditional block chains will experience as time passes. The structure allows nodes to partition their data use and chain storage across each other.

Issues addressed by 3DC: The Nexus 3DC will inherently provides increased security, decentralization, and resource utilization over other traditional block chains.
1. Increases decentralization.
2. Avoids the need for expensive machines to contribute and receive mining rewards.
3. Combination of 3DC and Quantum Resistance currency offers better security.

Nexus, through its world’s first 3D Chain, expects to solve issues of speed and scalability, while offering quantum security. The platform will use a native currency forked from Bitcoin and rely on satellite-based telecommunications. Nexus aims to become the first digital currency in space and offer a secure decentralized artificial intelligence.

Founder and Chief Architect of Nexus, Colin Cantrell said,

“Nexus and SingularityNET are exploring new systems together in order to create a reliable means of self-regulating trust and reputation in a trustless system. This can make AI’s safer and more resilient when some of their decisions have to be routed through an immutable contract, ‘such as protect this human’. Nexus wants to resist the centralization of AI and believes partnering with SingularityNET can contribute to AI safety.”

Commenting on the partnership, SingularityNET’s Chairman, David Hanson stated,

“It will become the single most valuable technology in all of history. This is the chance for us to change the world together.”

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