CryptoMiso Ranks Crypto Currencies Based on Developer Activity

Updated On Jan 30, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

International ratings agency Weiss published its letter grade ratings for crypto currency recently. However, crypto enthusiasts were disappointed to see a c+ rating for Bitcoin. Crypto specialists point out that digital assets are unique and cannot be valued in the same manner as traditional assets such as equities, bonds, etc.

The developer activity surrounding a crypto token is of paramount importance. That will dictate the future growth of a crypto token, in terms of market share and value. In this regard, a new website named Cryptomiso has made an attempt to rate crypto currencies on the basis of the developer activity in Github, a web-based hosting service for version control using git. It is generally used for computer code.

Cryptomiso has rated 616 cryptos so far, and continue to add more. The top ten crypto coins which leads in developer activity will certainly surprise the readers.
1. Cardano (ADA):
2. Lisk (LSK):
3. Waves (Waves)
4. 0x (ZRX)
5. EOS (EOS)
6. GlobalToken (GLT)
7. Bitcoin (BTC)
8. United Bitcoin (UBTC)
9. Augur (REP)
10. Raiden Network Token (RDN)

The website also provides a chart, which indicates the frequency with which the code is updated. Cardano (ADA) leads the list with 6,402 commits from 52 contributors. Lisk, a decentralized application in Java script, has 2680 commits from 35 contributors.

EOS (EOS) takes the fifth place from 1,986 commits from 55 contributors. Interestingly, nearly 50% of traded volume of EOS (EOS) coin is in Bithumb, the well-known South Korean exchange. Likewise, Global Token (GLT), which has a market cap of $900,000, with most of the trading activity concentrated in Coin Exchange, is ranked 6th, one place ahead of Bitcoin.

LeaCoin (LEA), BitBoost (BBT), and Agoras (AGRS), which have hardly one commits take up the last few places in the ranking list. As of now, there is no way to filter the list. The fluctuations in the number of commits in the top ten coins are plotted in a single chart and can be downloaded.

The developer activity should not be the only means of selecting a coin for investment. Liquidity and the real-world use are other factors which need to be considered before investing in a coin.

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