Neurologist Says Schumacher May Never Recover From Vegetative State

Updated On Sep 21, 2020 by Landon Wheeler

Michael SchumacherGiven the seriousness of Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident in December 2013, most F1 fans knew that Schumacher would most likely never race again.

However, Schumacher’s fans had a sliver of expectation that the F1 legend would eventually recover from his horrific accident and be able to live a normal life.

Schumacher’s family took him away to his home in Lake Geneva, Switzerland and have kept him closely guarded for all these years.

Now, one of the top neurologists in the world has gone on record to share his opinion of Schumacher’s condition.

Professor Erich Riederer who is based out of Zurich spoke to TMC, a French media channel and provided more insight into what the 7 time F1 champion was going through.

Riederer said that Schumacher is now awake, his heart is beating and he is breathing. F1 fans might be surprised to know that Schumacher is also able to take a few baby steps with help but that is as far as it goes. Riederer said that Schumacher is unresponsive and remains in a vegetative state.

While a lot of fans continue to pray for Schumacher’s recovery, Riederer is not very hopeful and claims that it is highly unlikely that he is ever going to return to his former self.

Ex-Ferrari Boss Not In Agreement With Diagnosis

Michael Schumacher’s family does not allow many visitors to come into their family home but one person who has access is Schumacher’s ex-boss at Ferrari Jean Todt. He visited the family home earlier this month and told the media that Schumacher was still fighting.

The 74 year old was the head of Ferrari when Schumacher won 5 of his 7 F1 Championships. He told the media in 2019 that Schumacher found it difficult to communicate but was able to watch F1 races on TV. In September 2020, Todt said Schumacher was still fighting and was in good hands as he had an experienced medical team around him along with his wife and children.

Top surgeon Nicola Acciari who did not treat Schumacher told the media that the public may not recognize Schumacher in 2020 as he will have a very different skeletal structure and altered muscular structure as well due to him being confined to his bed and a wheelchair. The family continues to ensure that no pictures of Schumacher are shared with the public for now.

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