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online gambling real moneyThere are many of us who enjoy spending some time relaxing playing gambling games, however, if you do not live near a land-based gambling venue, enjoying this past time can be a time-consuming endeavour to drive to a gambling venue, let alone deal with the added costs involved in transportation and possible hotel costs.

That frustration has seen many make the move from playing at land-based gambling venue to online gambling, however for many, the idea of playing online is one that can be intimidating as they look at all the options, let alone try to understand them, and yes, you will have questions and we will do our best to cover all the different area relating to online gambling that we know are important for first time gamblers online.

It is a big step but one that you will find yourself pleased with as you realise the advantages online gambling provides.

As with any type of business you make a purchase with, it is important to be informed before making that purchase, and online gambling is no different. Afterall, it is your hard earned money you are spending, so you should be 100% at ease with your decision to gamble online, and it should be relaxing, entertaining and add some excitement to your day. Once you understand all that is involved with an online gambling, only then will you be able to relax and enjoy the experience with confidence.

As you can see, we have added a list of online gambling sites we know are trustable, honest and above all else, offer a great selection of games. While we know some of you will want to get started right away, we urge you to read through this article and be informed of what you can expect, how to deposit, how you collect your winnings and the type of games you will come across

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All those you see listed above are some of the most trustable real money gambling sites online. Our team has thoroughly scrutinised each according to a long list of factors that as experienced professionals in the iGaming field, known to be important when it comes to the process of selection.

Ultimately, it is these sites that we know are the best of the best. When we undertake an inspection of an online gambling site, we do so without prejudice so that nothing influences the decision we make and the outcome of our inspection. That allows us to relay correct and unfiltered information about each gambling site directly to you, and that in itself is important as facts are facts, and personal opinions are not what matters most when it comes to writing a review.

Legalities Concerning Online Gambling

Online gambling is a legal activity in pretty much every country. In some countries, like certain Nordic states, you may be exposed to potential tax liabilities from gambling at certain sites (those which are not government run), so make sure to research this before you play. Some countries may impose restrictions on the ability of companies to operate online casinos, as gambling is frequently subject to government monopoly control, but there are not really any laws governing whether people gamble online.

Furthermore, given that most online gambling sites are located in foreign countries, it is not really within the power of a regional government to control their activities. The internet is very anarchic in this sense. Since governments to attempt to regulate the ability of operators to run online casinos, you may face certain restrictions with regards to making deposits with your credit card or even your bank account. If this is the case, then using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is one you have to work around. Bottom line, gambling online is legal so don’t worry about it.

As for taxes on gambling winnings, this varies from country to country so consult a local tax attorney. In certain countries, like the United States, gambling winnings are taxable, whereas other countries, like the United Kingdom, you do not have to pay taxes on gambling winnings.

Real Money Gambling Handy Guides

Real Money Sports Betting

Real money sports betting offers a fantastic platform for sports bettors looking to get their bets in on in-play and upcoming sporting events. The variety of sports offered by leading sportsbooks is without question, staggering and comprises of everything from big name sports such as the NHL, NBA and NFL to other sports such as rugby, soccer, darts and MMA. In addition to the big name sports, real money sports betting sites offer wagers on specials such as the Emmy’s, the Olympics, and e-sports.

Real Money Casino

Playing at an online casino for real money is one of the more invigorating experiences one will have when gambling online. Of course, many could argue a casino is a casino, but for those who are not accustomed to playing online, this can’t be further from the truth. The reality is that online casinos offer a far greater gaming experience than their brick and motor counterparts as they payouts are increased, and therefore the amount won is increased.

Real Money Poker

Online poker has grown into its own realm of popularity, and while that peaked several years ago, the number of quality online poker rooms offering poker to players is excellent. There are few who have not seen or heard of the large poker tournaments that are televised online by the likes of Pokerstars or the World Poker Tour, and for those who enjoy poker, it presents many opportunities to enter qualifying tournaments that award seats to major tournaments.

Whether a casual player or professional, real money poker online means you are never without a game, and that is hard to beat.

The Differences Between Play Money and Real Money

There are multiple differences between play money and real money. The obvious difference is playing using “play money” means just that, it is play money, and you are unable to win real money. However, when playing with real money, when you win, you win real money, and this is something that simply cannot be matched.

Play money and real money games are identical and offer the same results and same bonus features. However, when not playing with real money, most will find it less satisfying, and of course, if that “once in a lifetime” hit falls into place, the horror felt knowing you could have won big had you been playing with real money is a feeling no one wants to experience.

Ultimately, the only real difference between the two is one of for fun, and one is to win real money. The experience received is no different, however, there are some positive reasons for using play money. The main reason is to try out new games to see if you like the game before playing it for real money. This allows you the opportunity to get a feel for the game, understand its features and paytable and in doing so, develop a strategy that can help you win more when you move to real money play.

What to consider when selecting an online gambling site

selecting an online gambling siteAs mentioned, many factors need to be considered when choosing an online gambling site; it is not as only as “oh that one looks nice”. It goes well beyond that, and this is where we come in as we know exactly what needs to be considered. So when you look at the gambling websites we list on our site, your homework is done for you, all you need to do is decide which one suits you best, register your real money account, and make your deposit.

So as we delve further into this article, we wanted to lay out the different criteria we know makes the difference, and it is what we use when making our recommendations Whether or not you choose to follow our recommendations is up to you, but at least the decision you make will be an informed one, and we will have done our job.

What is important to understand is that the criteria we discuss below are geared towards real money gambling, and therefore the information reflects that.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are factors that have the utmost importance. When we are considering a gambling site and making a recommendation, we know that as a player, you need to know your information is safe and that all at times you will be protected when playing online. We look in-depth at the software in use, and the systems that each gambling site has in place to be confident that safety is in place and gameplay will be accurate.

While this is important, we go further and undertake a review of the company operating the gambling site, look at their history, check their licensing and verify if complaints have been made, and if so, were they justified complaints and were they resolved in a fair way. We check on their experience to ensure they have the qualifications in place to run the gambling site in the manner to which we know is needed to provide a well-rounded experience.

If we come across anything that triggers an alarm, we move on and will not recommend that gambling site as we know there are many options available when it comes to gambling sites, so only the best make the grade. Simply said, there is a reason you do not see hundreds of gambling sites on our site as so many other sites do…again, only the best make the grade here.

Game Integrity

Another key factor we consider is the integrity of the games. This is determined by a number of factors; one obviously is reputation. As we have in-depth knowledge of the online gambling industry, we already have undertaken exhaustive investigations to test the authenticity of the games, the software driving those games, and the quality and accuracy of game payouts based on each software provider in this space.

Game integrity is also an extension of safety and security as if the games are inaccurate and not using certified and reliable random number generating software, you are at risk, and that is unacceptable. While that is incredibly rare today, it can happen, but that is more related to proprietary software than software from licensed and respected software companies.

Needless to say, the games they provide, have all met our criteria. Remember, the overwhelming majority of gambling sites are a legitimate business, and they operate exactly as they should, in an honest manner with an emphasis on quality gaming.

Game Options

Game options is another element of knowing the quality of gaming, and the general mindset of a gambling site. The reality is, it costs money to license the games they present to you, and as such, those that have limited operating budgets and unable to afford the licensing costs, often are those that will have terms and conditions on bonuses that are predatory by design.

It is not uncommon today to see a larger variety of gaming options that extend beyond traditional gambling games. Sportsbetting, poker, bingo and live dealer games in combination with gambling games have become a sought-after luxury – the “all under one roof” gambling room means your options are far greater than those that only offer one gaming variety.

Gambling Interface

The interface (how the gambling site is designed and laid out) makes a difference, albeit not as much as the criteria above. Having a gambling room that is easily navigated through is convenient in that it saves you time, you quickly learn where the games you lie are located and accessing them is easily accomplished.

If your interest is in sportsbetting, you simply click on the sportsbetting section, and all future sporting events or in-play bets all laid out before you. The same applies to gambling games as a well-designed site will have games separated into categories. The same is true for poker, bingo and live dealer games – at the end of the day, it matters, it is just one of those things many fail to realise matters.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

This is one area many people are leery of and some even avoid playing online as they do not understand how to deposit and receive winnings. Online gambling sites operate in a virtual world, and therefore, hard currency is not transferred back and forth when depositing. This is done electronically, much like using your bank card when purchasing with a retailer.

Having a gambling site that provides a wide range of depositing and withdrawal options is incredibly important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, as gambling sites cater to a global audience, not all people are able to use the same payment methods, so by offering a wider selection, if ensures all have the equal ability to deposit and receive winnings via their preferred method.

The most common you find are credit/debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and bank wire payments. As most gambling sites use the services of a third party payment processor, it is not unreasonable to expect multiple choices for each of those payment solutions.

If a gambling site does not offer a larger selection, it by no means makes them one not to recommend, it simply means that they are focused more towards a specific geographical country, such as the UK, and therefore cater to payment methods commonly used by U.K players.

Customer Support

If at a land-based gambling venue, and in need to assistance, you simply locate a employee and ask the question you need help with. However, online gambling sites are not there to help in the same way, and therefore provide support services using email, telephone or live chat. You are able to speak with a support agent 24 hours a day, and if in doubt, do not hesitate to ask, they is what they are there for.

They are skilled in all aspects of the gambling site, its games and its operations. Therefore getting the assistance you need is not an issue, and with those we recommend, we have already tested the support teams to ensure they get a passing grade based on our expectations, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Most of all, remember to have fun that is what all this is about afterall. Now, off you go and win big, and remember to send us an email when you do – we love to hear winning stories!

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