Spain’s Jdigital Looks Forward to Collaborating with New Gambling Minister

Updated On Nov 23, 2023 by Ella McDonald

Jdigital and Pablo BustinduySummary:

  • Bustinduy will supervise the gambling sector as part of his new role as Minister of Social Rights
  • He is tasked with implementing new responsible gambling measures in 2024
  • Jdigital expressed willingness to work with the minister in addressing regulatory challenges in the industry

Spain’s gambling sector will now be overseen by Pablo Bustinduy following his appointment as Minister of Social Rights, Consumption, and Agenda 2030.

Now a member of the Spanish Sumar party, Bustinduy is among 22 ministers recently appointed by returning Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez as part of his new Cabinet.

New Safer Gambling Measures to Be Implemented

Bustinduy’s remit includes the Ministry of Consumer Affairs which supervises state-level gambling and gaming activities in the country. He takes on the role as head of the Ministry from Alberto Garzon who spearheaded a series of gambling reforms during his tenure, the most notable of which was the enactment of the Royal Decree on Gambling Advertising.

Approved in 2020, the law introduced major advertising restrictions, including a four-hour advertising window for gambling – from 1 am to 5 am – across media platforms, as well as a ban on sports sponsorship.

Garzon also endorsed the Royal Decree on Responsible Gaming Environments which was approved by the Council of Ministers in March 2023. The new law features more than 30 new responsible gaming measures, including the “toughest” rules on gambling protections for underage and vulnerable players, and risk-profiling for all customers.

The new measures, which will take effect in early 2024, have been criticized by the Spanish online gambling trade association Jdigital, saying the industry is already “hyper-regulated”.

Bustinduy is expected to continue what Garzon had started, ensuring stronger protections for consumers, as well as fairness and transparency in the sectors under his supervision, which includes gambling.

Jdigital Ready to Work with Bustinduy

While prioritizing consumer protection, Bustinduy will also need to engage in constant dialogue with industry stakeholders, including operators, to make sure their concerns are also taken into account. Jdigital is looking forward to that, saying it is willing to cooperate with Bustinduy as Spain strives to sustain its reputation as among the “most reliable and secure” gambling markets in Europe.

Reacting to Bustinduy’s appointment, Jdigital said it aims to promote a collaborative approach to addressing the regulatory challenges within the sector. The trade body emphasized the importance of capitalizing on the industry’s seasoned professionals and enterprises for effective decision-making.

Among the regulatory challenges that Bustinduy will tackle under his term include the implementation of the Royal Decree on Responsible Gaming Environments, preventing gambling-related crimes such as fraud, and combating the black market.

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