Mike Postle Yet To Find Legal Representation As Court Date Approaches

Updated On Feb 6, 2020 by Natalie Whitehead

Mike PostleThe biggest poker scandal of 2019 was involved poker pro Mike Postle and his live streaming of low stakes poker games at the Stones Gambling Hall in California. The cheating scandal came to light after Veronica Brill who commentates for Stones accused Postle of cheating throughout 2018 and 2019.

The allegations came to light in Sep 2019 after Brill took to Twitter to inform the poker world. She would later release a YouTube video to back her allegations and show that Postle kept winning these live streamed games for close to a year and only lost a couple of sessions. No matter how good a poker pro is, that kind of consistently is unheard of and it caused the poker world to take attention.

Postle initially denied all allegations but it soon came to light that he could have been collaborating with Stones manager Justin Kuraitis. Stones launched an internal investigation into the matter to clear up its name but so far nothing has been officially released. Postle has remained low since then and reports emerged that he has been deliberately avoiding legal summons.

The last date for him to appear in court and face the allegations is Feb 26. The legal team that is prosecuting Postle stated that he finally signed the document towards the end of Jan.

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No Legal Representation As Of Now

However, Postle does not have any legal representative as of now and does not have a lot of time to find someone. Whoever comes on board, will have a very short time period to build their case, gather proof and prepare for the Feb 26 cut-off date. If Postle is unable to find anyone during this period of time, it is likely that he will have to represent himself which can be a difficult proposition when going up against experienced lawyers.

What we must highlight is that the Feb 26 lawsuit is a civil lawsuit and not a criminal lawsuit. Postle appears to have hired the services of criminal lawyer William Portanova to be on the safe side but has no one to represent on the civil lawsuit.

If the prosecution can prove that Postle has cheated with the collaboration of the Stones Gambling Hall, it could turn out to be one of the biggest poker scandals in recent years.

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