Jake Paul Gets Flooded With Offers From MMA Fighters

Updated On Apr 19, 2021 by Landon Wheeler

Jake PaulYouTube influencer now turned boxer Jake Paul made quick work of former UFC and Olympic star Ben Askren on Saturday night when he finished the fight in under 90 seconds in the first round.

Jake Paul was the betting favorite going into the fight, and he finished Ben Askren with a KO and went 3-0 in his professional boxing career.

Jake Paul is reported to have made $650,000 and Ben Askren $500,000 not counting the money they would also get from pay-per-view sales. Askren admitted before the fight that this was the biggest pay day of his career even though he has fought at top MMA organizations which include the UFC, Bellator and ONE Championship.

Jake Paul has received a number of callouts from MMA fighters during the last 24 hours as all of them are looking for a big payday. Some of the fighters claim that they want to put Jake Paul in his place and prove to the rest of the world that he is not a real fighter, while some fighters claim that they need to do just and avenge Ben Askren’s loss.

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Tyron Woodley, the former UFC welterweight champion and close friend of Ben Askren has called out Jake Paul to fight a real boxer.

Mike Perry who sparred with Jake Paul prior to the Askren fight put out a long post on Instagram also challenging Jake Paul.

Dillon Dannis who fights for Bellator has also thrown his hat into the ring to be the next opponent.

Boxing Fans Cry Foul Over Fake Show

Hardcore boxing fans and MMA fans have been upset to see Jake Paul and the MMA world fighting to step into the boxing ring and get a big payday when they put on such a poor show! The entire show put together by Triller Fight Club seemed like a let-down to genuine boxing fans and tarnished the sport of boxing.

The commentary was terrible throughout the sport and Michael Buffer who is a legend in boxing made such a bad slip up when announcing Ben Askren’s name that he called him “Asscream“. Whether that was a genuine slip up or part of the crazy PR, it is hard to tell.

Triller Fight Club seem very impressed with how things turned out and are keen on putting together another ‘event’ shortly!

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