DCMS Will Subject UK Gambling Regulation Review To 45 Questions

Updated On Dec 10, 2020 by Ella McDonald

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and SportThe Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) started its review of the 2005 Gambling Act on 07 December. Licensed gambling operators are very keen to know what DCMS is looking to change as there has been a lot of speculation in recent months as to what amendments will be made to the archaic UK gambling act.

Information has now emerged that DCMS has a total of 45 questions to go through and address during this review. These 45 questions have been framed around three major objectives.

The first objective is to see what changes are required to the 2005 Gambling Act and the focus here will be on software and technology that have bypassed the current gaming regulations.

The second objective is to focus on finding the right balance between giving players freedom to enjoy themselves but still protecting them from gambling harm.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport


The third objective will be with regards to marketing and advertising regulations. Gambling operators have advertised heavily over the years to compete for market share. In doing so, they have breached gaming regulations repeatedly and have also targeted minors.

The review will look at key attributes which include a potential ban of sports sponsorships, the pros and cons of gambling adverts and what new measures can be put in place to protect minors from being exposed to gambling ads.

UKGC Powers To Be Examined

The powers of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) which is the gambling regulator in the country will also be addressed. The UKGC has said in the past that it has limited powers in light of the criticism the watchdog has received over being too lenient towards gambling operators.

DCSM will do a detailed review of the UKGC to find out if it has enough resources to carry out detailed investigations and enforce disciplinary action efficiently. The UKGC said they were happy to work with the government to ensure that it can function properly.

Some of the questions that DCMS will ask the UKGC include whether the watchdog faces any barriers to obtaining top quality research which is required for it to formulate policies and new gaming regulation.

DCMS will also ask questions on black market gaming industry in the country. The questions will look at the size and speed of the growth of the black market and how UK players gain access to these unlicensed sites.

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