Cryptocurrency Investments Made Easy & Secure By Atomic Fund

Updated On Apr 17, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

Generating large returns by investing in cryptocurrencies is not an easy task. It demands thorough fundamental and technical knowledge. A bad decision can wipe off more than 50% of the investment in a few hours. While specialized funds assist accredited investors, it is hard to find an algorithm driven Bitcoin fund that facilitates small investments in cryptocurrencies. Atomic Fund precisely offers a dependable solution to this issue. The cryptocurrency asset investment platform offers a wide range of assets, backed by cutting edge technology for making wise investment choices.

The Bitcoin fund employs three strategies to achieve its objective. The strategies employed are arbitrage, asset portfolio, and technical analysis. The fund, which offers complete security and real-time financial reporting, is structured on the principles of simplicity. Atomic Fund accepts anyone with an investment of 0.1 BTC to participate and realize returns. The net asset value is calculated daily and investors can view their P&L statement virtually from any place.

Presently, Atomic Fund offers two kinds of investments: Crypto Fund and Index Cypto Fund (comprised of 55 cryptocurrencies which have historically outperformed the market).

The Atomic Fund platform offers a private wallet for investors to deposit Bitcoins. Furthermore, transactions are registered in the verifiable Bitcoin blockchain. The fund uses an in-house algorithm to analyze the crypto market and use appropriate trading methods to mitigate risk and achieve high returns. It is one of the easiest method which can be employed by an investor to realize gains from crypto market.

The fund charges 5% annual management fee for the active management fund and 2% for the index fund. There is only an entry fee. No exit fee is charged. Performance fees are calculated and paid out every semester to the Atomic Fund partners.

Kenzo Tominaga, CEO, Atomic Fund said

“We have been running a digital beta fund since the beginning of February. Our mission is to financially empower people by leveraging this technology. Technology is behind every aspect of our business. Our platform is built to give transparency and compliance to our Investors Network.”

Invariably all Atomic Fund investors are given a personalized dashboard, which can be used to view real-time reports. The fund uses cold storage wallets to keep the coins safe. Every important layer of the platform, from website and hard drives to email servers, is encrypted.

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