Conor McGregor Accused Of Sexual Assault During 4th Game Of NBA Finals

Updated On Jun 16, 2023 by Landon Wheeler

Conor McGregorSummary

  • A woman has alleged that UFC star Conor McGregor has sexually assaulted her
  • Alleged sexual assault took place in a bathroom during 4th game of NBA finals
  • UFC says it will not comment until investigation is over

UFC star Conor McGregor made headlines recently when he appeared courtside at the NBA Championship finals. McGregor showed up for the 4th game of the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets.

McGregor received a lot of attention as he was dressed in a maroon velvet tracksuit and took the court to playfully knockout a Miami Heat mascot but things got out of hand as McGregor ended up hitting the mascot a little too hard which resulted in the mascot having to go to hospital!

Woman Accused McGregor Of Sexual Assault

A woman has now come forward and accused Conor McGregor of sexually assaulting her during the 4th game of the NBA finals which took place in Miami. The woman is reported to have sent a letter to McGregor’s team accusing him of sexually assault at the Kaseya Center.

The letter alleges that McGregor aggressively kissed her and then forced her to attempt different sexual acts with him. The unidentified woman has also accused NBA security and Miami Heat security of separating her from her friend and forcing her to get into the bathroom.


Miami Police Department have confirmed that they have received a report of the incident and a special victims unit is currently investigating the matter. The woman has hired Attorney Ariel Mitchell to represent her.

Mitchell has sent legal letters to the NBA, Miami Heat and McGregor’s team warning them of potential litigation.

Multiple Investigations Launched Into Alleged Assault

The Miami Heat and NBA have confirmed that they have launched their own investigations into the matter. The Miami Police Department will carry out their own investigation and release more information when the investigation is completed.

The UFC has also acknowledged that they are aware of the investigation into McGregor’s alleged sexual assault but said they will not release any official statement until the investigation is completed.

McGregor and his team have denied all allegations and said that they will not be intimidated by the allegations. This is not the first time that McGregor has been accused of sexual assault. The MMA star has had four sexual assault allegations made against him in the past and all four were outside the United States and did not result in any charges.

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