Lewis Hamilton Will Change His Surname To Honor His Mother

Updated On Mar 15, 2022 by Landon Wheeler

Lewis Hamilton emotional after winning 7th F1 ChampionshipSummary

  • Lewis Hamilton will compete in this year’s F1 season
  • Hamilton set to incorporate his mother’s maiden name
  • British ace looking to win his 8th F1 World Championship

Lewis Hamilton has made a name for himself in the world of sport by dominating Formula One for nearly a decade.

The British F1 ace has won 7 F1 World Championships and came very close to winning his 8th F1 Championship last season but was denied in the end by Max Verstappen after a very controversial decision.

Hamilton was extremely upset with the decision and made it clear that he wanted the decision to be overturned but he did not get his way. This ruffled his feathers and he went off social media for close to two months and many of his fans believed that he would call it a day and announce his retirement.

Hamilton isn’t going to retire as he announced that he will part in this season and look to win his 8th F1 Championship and dethrone Verstappen. Hamilton was outspoken and told the media that Mercedes isn’t the fastest car this season as they had some catching up to do. Hamilton also announced that he planned on changing his surname this season and racing under his mother’s maiden name.


Hamilton Set To Include “Larbalestier”

Hamilton was recently knighted in December 2021 at Windsor Castle and his mother Carmen Larbalestier was present to see her son receive his knighthood. Larbalestier divorced her husband Anthony Hamilton when Lewis was a toddler. Hamilton is looking to honour his mother by changing his surname and is hoping that he will be able to go by Lewis Larbalestier at the start of the F1 season or soon after.

Hamilton told the media that he did not understand why a woman had to lose her last name and take the name of her husband. He said that he really wants his mother’s maiden name of ‘Larbalestier’ to continue with the Hamilton name. It appears unlikely that he will be able to use his official new name in time for the opening Grand Prix of the season which starts this weekend in Bahrain.

Hamilton is also a major advocate for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and has criticized some of his F1 teammates for not doing more to bring attention to BLM.

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