Chicago Casino Developer Tries to Reason with Upset Residents

Updated On May 13, 2022 by Cameron Bishop

Soo Kim and Proposed Bally's Chicago CasinoSummary

  • Residents worry about crime and other issues in their neighborhood if a casino is constructed.
  • Bally’s Corp. CEO says the company will keep its promises and bring money to the region with a good impact on the neighborhood.
  • Police say that casino security will provide more safety to the area than before.

After Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that the Bally’s Corporation plan to bring a casino to River West in the Tribune Publishing Plant, the floodgates opened with negative comments. Residents in the area do not want a casino in their backyard.

This week, a meeting took place with the locals, so Bally’s had a chance to talk about their plans and what they will bring to the table. While officials tried to showcase how the casino is a good thing, residents in the area are more concerned over crime and traffic issues.

Bally’s CEO Speaks to the Masses

Bally’s Corporation CEO Soo Kim was on hand during a meeting last night to discuss with residents what the project will entail. Residents are already skeptical, feeling that the casino will bring an increase in traffic and crime.

The CEO started with a joke, saying it would be easier for him to hide in a dark room than to speak to everyone about what the company has planned. However, he attended the meeting in person to discuss the casino and state that Bally’s will keep its promises.

Soo says his primary responsibility is to protect money and make it grow. He believes there is a right way to do that with the casino that will make a good impact on the local neighborhood. While this may be true, residents are caught up in the fact that a casino will be just a short walk from their homes.

Residents worry that the casino will make a busy area much harder to navigate due to traffic issues and create more crime. Neighbors spoke out during the meeting, stating that casinos do not belong in residential areas and that they would like to know if a casino has been added anywhere in the world and it improved public safety.


To that point, Chicago Police First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter said that the casino security will provide more of a safety net for the property. The more eyes and ears that are around, it equals more safety.

Aldermen Speak Out

It is not just residents that are speaking out about the casino plans. Aldermen are also in opposition. After the casino approval was announced, it was revealed that a temporary casino would be placed in the Medinah Temple, a landmark property of Chicago.

Alderman Brendan Reilly and Alderman Brian Hopkins are not in favor of the temporary casino location. According to Reilly, the officials are being told that if they do not approve the casino soon, then property taxes will be raised. The alderman is not in favor of ruling on something that was changed so abruptly.

Criticism has been raised against Lightfoot, with many stating she is trying to fast track her preferred casino pick through the council, so it gets going. Of course, others argue that is not the case.

We shall see in the coming weeks if the casino project continues to gain momentum or if residents continue to speak out against the plans and if any serious changes are made regarding the casino project in Illnois, Chicago.

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