BitUN’s Customer Base Crosses 1M in 47 days Of Launch

Updated On Apr 25, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

Private blockchain bank BitUN (BUC) announced that it has reached a landmark of one million registered users within 47 days of launching. The users are spread over 20 countries, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and US. BitUN is a Singapore company, which aims to play the role of both an investment bank and a private savings bank, providing traditional banking services over a blockchain-based platform.

Presently, there exist more than 1,500 kinds of cryptocurrencies, with total value market capitalization of over $400 billion. The number of cryptos in the market continues to increase at a rapid pace.

Cryptocurrencies offer unmatched privacy. However, there exists a void when it comes to infrastructure that offers both security and easy access. BitUN is trying to resolve the issue by offering a service that would combine the advantages of a traditional banking system with the privacy and decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. BitUN can be used as a traditional bank. Users can store blockchain-based assets with BitUN.

The following facilities are offered by BitUN

• Cross-chain wallet – allows storing and managing cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains. The cryptos are managed using smart contracts and Lightning Network 2.0 of BitUN. This allows free of cost transfer of assets within the ecosystem.
• SMS & IM facility – enable easy communication between users. Even community group can be created with up to 10,000 people.
• ICO store – enables participation in new high quality ICOs, which are listed after vetting by approved brokers.
• Decentralized OTC trades – the high-performance and intelligent algorithm which drives the HIGGS platform enables private, secure, and easy transactions with no deposit requirements. The cryptos of both parties will get lock automatically until the completion of a successful transaction. Lightning Network based OTC trading will be offered from May 2018 onwards.
• Exchange access – allows users to access multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Notably, transactions can be completed without additional fees.
• Browser – BitUN will provide a “business blockchain browser” for viewing business information on the blockchain. Data pertaining to transactions, fund transfers, token contracts, OTC trading, etc., can be viewed through the custom browser.

The platform is built on the tamper proof HIGGS blockchain. The low latency platform will offer fast confirmations.

BitUN token (BUC)

The native token of BitUN ecosystem is Bit Union Coin or BUC. The BUC coin is the medium of exchange within the HIGGS platform. A total of 2 billion BUC tokens will be only issued. The pre-sale ended last month, with 1 BTC fetching 80,000 BUC.

The platform has surpassed user base of 1 million in 47 day and hope to have at least 20 million users by the end of 2018. The platform also aims to successfully promote at least 30 ICOs this year.

BitUN has entered into an agreement with Hashpower Sales Service Platform, Ping An Security Group, Coinsuper Exchange, IOV Project Foundation, and Higgs Mining. On an average, the company signs at least one agreement a week.

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