Steve Wynn Says Nevada Regulators No Longer Authorised to Penalise Him

Updated On Nov 18, 2019 by Ella McDonald

Steve WynnFormer casino mogul Steve Wynn has told gaming regulators in Nevada they have no authority to impose punishments against him for accusations of workplace sexual misconduct as he is no longer connected to Wynn Resorts and does not have any financial interest in it.

Wynn’s legal team issued a response last week to a complaint filed in October 2019 against the former executive by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

In a 25-page document, Wynn’s attorney Don Campbell argued that state regulators no longer have jurisdiction over the former Wynn Resorts CEO as he already terminated his involvement with the company.

Last month, Nevada gaming regulators filed a complaint seeking to have Wynn perpetually banned from the gaming industry for allegedly committing sexual harassment against his employees, making him unsuitable to hold a state gaming license.

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In the complaint, the NGCB also accused Wynn of failing to cooperate in the investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against him after declining to appear before a hearing in September. The NGCB said Wynn’s absence prevented the board from conducting a thorough investigation into the accusations, and that he should be slapped with massive fines for committing the offense.

However, Wynn’s lawyers are arguing that the gaming regulators are no longer authorised to penalise the former businessman as he already left the company, though they have indicated Wynn’s willingness to leave the Nevada gaming industry for good.

Sexual Harassment Case Continues

Wynn found himself in trouble after a 2018 story published in the Wall Street Journal exposed a string of sexual offenses allegedly committed by the ex-CEO against his former employees. The story revealed in detail how Wynn used his power and influence for sexual exploitation. The misconduct was allegedly covered up via private negotiations and multi-million dollar settlements.

After the story exploded all over the media, Wynn stepped down from the helm of the company he founded and was being chased with penalties and fines. Wynn Resorts was subsequently fined $20 million in February 2019 by the Nevada Gaming Commission, on top of the $35 million also levied by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission two months after.

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