GVC Launches Global Responsible Gambling Campaign

Updated On Jan 25, 2019 by Ella McDonald

GVC Holdings, the parent company behind partypoker, Ladbrokes and Coral, has announced that they will be launching a new global campaign for responsible gambling. CEO Kenny Alexander promises this is just the beginning and that there is more to come from from the gambling operator.

Called ‘Changing For The Bettor’, the campaign is being spearheaded with a major research project on gambling addiction led by Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction. GVC has pledged that they will double their current donations to fund the research and treatment on problem gambling.

In a statement, Alexander said

I think it reflects that GVC and the industry in general is making steps forward and is proving to be proactive in tackling the issue of problem gambling and being responsible operators. It brings together things that we have announced in the past with some new initiatives and pulls the whole strategy we are pursuing together. We promise that’s not it. We are continually evolving and trying to tackle this issue and our aim is to be the most trusted and responsible operator in the world.

GVC will be donating $5 million over the next five years to the Division on Addiction to help with their research. The company will also be giving anonymous player data so that the research will be based on actual data from the field. Besides this partnership, the responsible gambling campaign has six other pillars which will be rolled out across the next year.

Changing For The Bettor Campaign

Another one of these pillars is the planned youth education programs that will be run by the GamCare charity in the UK. Combined with the state school awareness campaign, it is designed to educate young people and prevent them from falling into the trap of gambling addiction.

Currently, gambling operators in the UK are forced to give 0.1 percent of their gross gambling yield to GambleAware to help deal with problem gambling in the country. GVC promise that they will double their contribution to 0.2 percent. The company also promises to donate more funds to other gambling charities apart from GambleAware.

Another part of the GVC campaign is the upcoming industry-wide ban on TV gambling adverts during live sports events. This ban will come into effect this summer and will stop gambling ads from being shown before 9 PM in order to prevent children from seeing them.

Mims Davies, UK minister for Sport and Civil Society, welcomed GVC’s efforts with their new campaign and pointed out that the cooperation of gambling operators is key to protecting people from gambling addiction.

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