Stamps Presents Unique Alternative To Traditional Funding

Updated On Jan 8, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

Initial Coin Offerings has become the preferred choice of block chain technology companies to raise funds for their innovative project. In this regard, Stamps platform has come up with a unique approach to raise funds through the use of block chain technology. Companies interested in raising funds for their projects can issue equity in the form of tradable crypto tokens. Investors who purchase the tokens will have a stake in the company.

The platform is integrated with Soferox, a Proof-of-Pact architecture, which uses two distinct block chains to carry two different sets of data. One block chain will contain transactional data and cannot be modified or destroyed. The second block chain will carry rules that regulate additions to the transaction chain. The rule chain can be amended by adding new blocks. The block chain is also fork-resistant. That means updates or amendments will not result in a fork of the network.

The Stamps platform will provide a safe, inexpensive, and transparent path for real-world entities to issue equity in the form of tradable tokens. The Stamps platform will also enable a company’s management to efficiently perform its obligations such as distribution of dividend ownership. All geographical boundaries are eliminated by the platform.

Stamps Platform

The platform secures the token ownership through asymmetric-key cryptography. The individual funds can be accessed only by users. However, the network is run by all participants and transactions are executed as per the rule chain. Thus, transactions performed by a single user will not be confirmed, before approval by all members of the system.

The company plans to issue two forms of equity tokens: Pink Stamps and Blue Stamps. Pink Stamps are equity tokens that are issued with no oversight or guidance from the Stamps administrators. These are technology-driven assets that can be originated by anyone, at any time. Blue Stamps are equity tokens that are issued in a manner overseen by Stamps administrators. Pink stamps can be considered as an over-the-counter stock offering, while blue stamps are almost similar to the stock of blue chip companies. A pink stamp can be converted into a blue stamp by following a certain set of rules.

The pre-ICO period of the Stamps platform will run from January 20 to February 03. The ICO period will start on February 5 and end on April 04, 2018. The entire supply of 210 million Stamps will be released through pre-ICO and ICO. During the ICO event, the tokens will be offered at the rate of 1 ETH to 1000 STAMPS.

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