Pratibha Arya’s Success Inspiring Female Poker Players In India

Updated On Mar 19, 2019 by Natalie Whitehead

Pratibha AryaWhile poker tournament organizers continue to take steps to bring in more female poker players to the game, their efforts have not had much of an impact. India which has one of the fastest growing poker markets in the world has very few female poker players.

There are a number of reasons why women tend to avoid playing poker for a living. None of these reasons stopped Pratibha Arya who lives in Delhi – the Indian capital. She graduated as a computer science scholar from an established college and then went on to pursue her Masters. Soon after, she immediately found a place in the corporate world but devoted her spare time to playing poker. She would join several online poker tournaments as well as take part in the limited number of land based poker tournaments in India.

Pratibha decided to part ways with her company to pursue a full-time poker career. For the last few years, she has grown from an amateur player to one of the most popular poker players in India. In doing so, she has slowly motivated a group of young women in India who are looking to follow in her footsteps and make a living playing online poker.

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Pratibha believes poker is not a gamble, and that very little luck is involved in the game. She believes that poker is all about skills, math, calculations and practice. Her dedication to the game is outstanding as she spends up to 12 hours playing and identifying areas for improvement in her gameplay on a daily basis.

Pratibha was India’s representative to the IFMP Asian Nations Cup in Bangkok, and the Poker Nations Cup in Oxford. She was also one of two Indian players who got the opportunity to play against the new AI computer bot “Deepstack” at the Asian Nations Pair Challenge held in Bangkok.

She took part in the two seasons of Match IPL, with her team Mumbai All Stars captained by Bollywood actor Harman Bawehja. The team was the winner of the inaugural event. During the second season, she was awarded the Player of the League title.

She was one of the participants of PokerBaazi’s mega tournament “Game Changer” which recently created a new record as being India’s biggest online tournament. Pratibha ultimately clinched the 10th spot, a testament to her incredible skills, hard work, and dedication to a beautiful game she has come to love over the years.

Her achievements along with the media coverage she has attained has caused her to become a poker mentor to young and aspiring female poker players in India.

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