Kyrgios Could Retire At 28 As Tennis Commentary Career Looks Appealing

Updated On Jan 24, 2024 by Landon Wheeler

Nick Kyrgios interviewing Coco Gauff at the Australian Open 2024Summary:

  • Nick Kyrgios is not playing at the 2024 Australian Open but is working as a commentator
  • Kyrgios says he is very close to retiring as a career in commentary and things outside of tennis now look more attractive
  • He also confirmed that he will not represent Australia at the 2024 Paris Olympics even if he is fit

Australian fans were disappointed when they found out that their ‘bad boy’ of tennis star Nick Kyrgios would not be able to play at the 2024 Australian Open which is currently underway at Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Victoria.

The 28 year old Aussie has been out of action since June 2023 due to injuries and fans were hoping he would make his return at the Australian Open in 2024.

Kyrgios Shows Up As Commentator At Australian Open

Kyrgios did not show up at the 2024 Australian Open as a player but he did show up as a commentator and fans have been enjoying his commentary and interviewing style. It also appears that Kyrgios might have found a new career as he made some telling statements.


In a piece for the Sydney Morning Herald, Kyrgios said

It’s a conversation that needed to be had. I’m at a crossroads in my career and have reached a point where life after tennis is a prospect that excites me. It’s why my manager brought it up.

He Said “This could be you from now on if you want it to be.” I could travel the world making really good money commentating on the sport, doing things like I am now with my talk show interviewing guys like Gordon Ramsay and Mike Tyson.

This isn’t the first time that Kyrgios has hinted at early retirement as he says he no longer enjoys the game as he used to and recent injuries and surgeries have pushed him even close to making a decision to walk away from the game.

Will Not Play Olympics Even If Fit

The 2024 Paris Olympics is set to take place from 26 July to 11 August but Kyrgios isn’t going to play even if he is fit. Kyrgios said he was very clear that he would not represent Australia even if he was fit after how he was treated at the 2016 Rio Olympics as he feels he could have been robbed from winning a medal given the fact that he was ranked 13th in the world at the time.

The Australian Olympic Committee banned him from the 2016 Olympics due to behavioural

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