NFL’s ‘Pacman’ Gets Arrested For Alleged Cheating At Casino

Updated On Feb 28, 2019 by Landon Wheeler

Adam “Pacman” Jones MugshotPatrons to the Rising Star Casino in Indiana were treated to some drama on the casino floor in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Casino operators are always prepared for trouble and drama as gambling is an intense pastime and can often lead to emotional outbursts and physical altercations.

While most of these incidents are kept under wraps as the casino does not want any bad publicity, the incident that took place at 3.30 am on Wednesday morning made the headlines as the person causing all the drama was Adam “Pacman” Jones who is a veteran NFL player.

The NFL cornerback caught the attention of the staff at the Rising Star Casino for suspicious activity at the table and they highlighted the same to agents from the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) who are deployed at all casinos in the state. When IGC agents turned up and started to question Jones, things quickly escalated out of control.

Pacman wasn’t very happy at being pulled up by IGC officials and having his integrity questioned. Things got heated very quickly and the officers had to use force to restrain and arrest him. There was no information given as to what table game Pacman was playing at the casino which sits on the border of Indiana and Kentucky.

Held Without Bail

Jones was taken to the Dearborn County jail in Indiana and booked for public intoxication, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and intimidation. He is being held on a non-bailable warrant till Thursday when he will be produced before a court in Ohio County which is where the casino is located.

This is definitely not what Jones would have liked as the negative publicity is not going to help his NFL career. Jones has represented a number of teams over the years in the NFL including the Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans. Most of his NFL career (2010 – 2017) was spent with the Cincinnati Bengals.

He is currently a free agent and was hoping that an NFL team would sign him for the coming season. However, he could have hurt his chances of being signed given the recent arrest and the fact that he is now 35 years old. This is not the first time that Jones has had an altercation with the law and been arrested.

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